Assam New Constituency List 2023 PDF

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Assam New Constituency List PDF Free Download

Assam New Constituency List

The Election Commission of India today published the draft proposal for delimitation of Assembly and Parliamentary constituencies for Assam as per the provision of Section 8-A of the Representation of the People Act, 1950.

It is proposed to allot 19 seats in the Legislative Assembly for the Scheduled Castes. Scheduled Tribes out of 126 seats, while out of 14 Lok Sabha seats allotted to the State of Assam, 2 seats are proposed to be allotted to the Scheduled Tribes.

Similarly, it is proposed to allocate 09 seats in the Legislative Assembly for Scheduled Castes, while 1 seat is proposed to be allocated for Scheduled Castes in Lok Sabha.

The delimitation of all assembly and parliamentary constituencies in the state is to be done on the basis of the 2001 census as provided in Article 170 and Article 82 of the Constitution. For this purpose, only the data of the 2001 Census published by the Census Commissioner has been considered.

The number of seats in the Legislative Assembly and Lok Sabha in the state of Assam has been retained at 126 and 14 respectively.

Articles 170 and 82 states that the number of seats in the Legislative Assembly of each State and the allocation of seats in the House of the People to the States shall not be changed until the relevant figures of the first census are taken after the year 2026. published.

No.Constituency Name
3Autonomous District
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Assam New Constituency List PDF Free Download

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