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CLAT Question Paper

Get here the CLAT 2022 question paper. A consortium of NLUs have released the CLAT 2022 master question papers for UG, PG.

You can check all the questions asked in CLAT 2022 exam and download the CLAT 2022 question paper pdf from this page on Aglasem.

If you appeared in the CLAT 2022 exam then you can use this paper to match answers in the answer key.

Moreover, if you are appearing for future CLAT exams then you can use this question paper to prepare for Common Law Admission Test.

question paper of CLAT 2022 with answers and solutions are given below.

  1. the tone of the Surrender Speech is
    (A) Satiric (b) Optimistic (C) Poignant (d) Narcissistic
  2. It is evident that through his speech, Churchill wished to _ his countrymen __.
    (A) inform, about the challenges that arise in a war-torn country.
    (b) Warn, against the futility of war.
    (C) remind, how their endeavor to fight against the Nazi rule had failed
    (d) reassure, that they would combat fiercely against their enemy under all
  3. Which one of the following is the least likely to be used to describe Churchill?
    (A) resolute (b) undaunted (C) Complacent (d) unwavering
  4. in the sentence: ‘The poet’s voice need not merely be the record of man, it can be one
    of the props, the pillars to help him endure and prevail’ Faulkner has used _
    to convey the power of a poet’s writings.
    (A) A metaphor (b) A simile
    (C) An onomatopoeia (d) A transferred epithet
  1. in the sentence ‘These very apps have snatched away the joys of long nature walks;’
    the author has
    (A) Satirized nature (b) metaphorized apps
    (C) PerUoniſed appU (D) None of Vhe aboXe
  2. From the passage, one can conclude that
    (A) it is impossible for people to reduce the usage of apps.
    (b) there is a direct correlation between loneliness and excessive usage of social- media
    (C) the usage of technology is as essential for mental health as food and water is
    for physical health.
    (d) All senior citizens are lonely because they are not tech-savvy.
  3. From the passage, it can be inferred that presently many educational institutions
    (A) the number of teachers who pass the buck to psychologists is on the rise.
    (b) Special emphasis is being laid on the mental and emotional health of the
    (C) The WUage of educational appU iU being discouraged UigniſcanVl[.
    (d) All the students feel the need to be counseled by psychologists.
  4. in the concluding paragraph of the given passage, the writer’s tone can be best
    described as
    (A) Optimistic (b) despairing
    (C) Laudatory (d) Apologet
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CLAT Question Paper PDF Free Download

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