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Production Planning And Control

The material in this section focuses on the management functions involved in the production process-planning, scheduling, and control.

Production planning and production schedules are often considered as two names for the same activity.

This idea is erroneous, but understandable since in many ways the two functions are quite similar.

Both production planning and scheduling set the levels at which the production process will operate in the future, and both assign responsibilities for accomplishing the production job.

The major differences between planning and scheduling lie in the time span covered by production plans and the amount of detail in the plan.

Production planning involves setting production levels for several periods in the future and assigning general responsibility to provide data for making decisions on the size and composition of the labor force, capital equipment, and plant additions, and planned inventory levels.

The ability to meet demand levels generated by possible alternative sales programs is also a function of production planning.

At this point, the phrase “setting production levels for several periods in the future” may need some clarification. Production plans are used for many different purposes.

One example is the use of a production plan to help determine the amount of new capital equipment to be purchased in the future.

In this instance, a plan covering the next five, eight, or even ten years would be required and would indicate the production job to be done and the capital equipment necessary to accomplish this job.

At the same time that a production plan covering the next several years is necessary, another plan covering a much shorter time period might also be called for.

This plan might cover only the next few months and might be used to set aggregate production rates to meet forecasted demand and planned future inventory levels.

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