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A drawing is considered ill-proportioned when the Figures head appears larger than normal, or when the arms seem too long or too short- in other words when the figure deviates from what we consider normal.

To avoid disproportionality, we look to the laws of proportion as represented in an idealized, conventional drawing of the human form, in other words, one which possesses a perfect relationship between the body’s measures.

The way we represent the human figure today is based on a Greco-Roman model, the classical Greek law of proportion, which was adopted by the Romans and later resurfaced during the Renaissance after centuries of disuse.

The law of proportion for the human figure is based on a unit of measurement that corresponds precisely to the measurements of the head.

According to the classical laws of proportion. the total height of the human body should be equal to seven and a half heads, or seven and a half units,

Praxiteles’s law established a new idealization of the human body: according to this model, the total height of the human body must equal eight heads. In the early

A law of proportion based on units is useful primarily because it allows you to compare the relationship between the extremities by referring to the divisions between the units.

In a proportional model, the figure will be eight units tall and two units wide. Each unit is equal to the length of the head. The nipples coincide with unit number two.

The armpits also coincide with the borderline between the second and third units, and the navel is located in unit number four.

Unit number four also marks the position of the elbows and is a fairly precise mark for the height of the waist. The hand is as long as the face, and the knee is located slightly above the sixth unit.

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Art of Drawing the Human Body Book Pdf Free Download

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