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Annihilation Of Caste With Replay To Mahatma Gandhi

When such an intellectual class, which holds the rest of the community in its grip, is opposed to the reform of Caste, the chances of success in a movement for the break-up of the Caste System appear to be very, very remote.

The second reason, why I say the task is impossible, will be clear if you will bear in mind that the Caste System has two aspects.

In one of its aspects, it divides men into separate communities. In its second aspect, it places these communities in a graded order one above the other in social status.

Each caste takes its pride and its consolation in the fact that in the scale of castes it is above some other caste.

As an outward mark of this-gradation, there is also a gradation of social and religious rights technically spoken of Ashtadhikaras and Sanskaras.

The higher the grade of a caste, the greater the number of these rights, and the lower the grade, the lesser their number.

Now this gradation, this scaling of castes, makes it impossible to organize a common front against the Caste System.

If a caste claims the right to inter-dine and inter-marry with another caste, placed above it, it is frozen, instantly it is told by mischief-mongers, and there are many Brahmins amongst such mischief–mongers, that it will have to concede inter-dining and inter-marriage with castes below it!

All are slaves of the Caste System. But all the slaves are not equal in status. Karl Max told them: “you have nothing to lose except your chains.”

But the artful way in which the social and religious rights are distributed among the different caste, whereby some have more and some have less,

make the slogan of Karl Marx quite useless to excite the Hindus against the Caste System.

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Annihilation Of Caste Book Pdf Free Download

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