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Supreme Alphabets

A- Allah is the Supreme Being, the Asiatic man from Asia. God of the Universe, Lord of all the worlds from the highest to the lowest, the original man, the giver and taker of life, the foundation of all life, the father of reality and the knowledge of the sun.

The following diagram shows the complete realm cipher of the Asiatic man’s body keeping everything pure, true and living; a blanket of protection 5x 72degree = 360degees.

The power of God’s wisdom shows forth his cipher. A-arm = 72 degree L-leg =72 degree L-leg =72 degree A-arm =72 degree H-head = 72 degree.

B – Be or Born is the realm or state of being born into existence. Born is to be aware of everything because everything is that of the sun moon and stars; Man, Woman, and Child; past, present, and future. Born is to be complete and to give birth to wisdom. Knowing that everything is real, one must bear his or her knowledge to show wisdom to be or being real.

C – See is to knowledge wisdom being born and gain a clear picture which will be the understanding. To see is to be equipped with sight; both insight and eyesight; “C” is also the cream.

D – Divine, means knowledge and wisdom, being understood, showing its completion, and manifesting a perfect state of existence equating the culture which is (I) God. Divine beings are things that are sacred.

E – Equality is to be equal with all society and nations of the earth, showing and proving with the power of equality that we are the fathers of civilization, also, to equal all nations with the science of education. Equality is the woman.

F – Father is power build, the Father of the Gods and Earths, Father Allah or as the Muslims called him Clarence 13x Smith. Fat-her to bear the babies, all praise to Father Allah the original man.

G – God is being himself at all times, by knowing his equality as God, dealing equal with the knowledge known to Allah, Supreme Being, Man is Allah and this is /self and / of IHVH. I is self, self is the true reality son of man God.

H – He or Her is the man or woman who has knowledge of self and is building a strong foundation. He the true and living God; she who is the Earth, the Universe, the woman planet, to bring about the Gods and Earths and teach them at birth. He or Her without the knowledge of self neither builds nor destroys, but takes many limes.

I – Islam is self and the self of man is God. The woman is Earth and also life when advocated for the same cause, to be reborn into the knowledge of self, Islam as I God.

12 Jewels of Islam

  1. Knowledge is to know, it also means to respect. It is the foundation of all things in existence. One must Bear his Equality and knowledge of the Power or Refinement showing and proving one’s Equality by dealing equally with the knowledge known only to God. (Know the ledge before you fall off the edge)
  2. Wisdom is wise words being spoken, for when God speaks it is like an ocean that will never go dry. Wisdom is symbolic of water for when one speaks it takes moisture to bring about that vibration that brings forth the word. (Building an understanding to bring about peace of mind and to be wise)
  3. Understanding is the mental picture one draws of knowledge and wisdom to see things for what they are and not what they pretend to be. Understanding is the all eye seeing the third eye which is the mind the cream that rises to the top. (Understanding is the child).
  4. Freedom is a state of mind (Free-Dom for the dome is the top part of the head). Freeing yourself from your present state of unawareness and ignorance of self (self is a truth reality one be it, man or women)
  5. Justice is to Build or destroy with the power of God just I see equality which I have been blessed or just-ice to be frozen at 32 degrees the freezing point of water.
  6. Equality is to be equal in all aspects of one’s true self with the (knowledge Power or refinement). Equality is also anything that has weight and takes up space is physical like the two equalities (The Earth and Moon).
  7. Food nourishes the body, mental Foods are the supreme mathematics giving you the foundation to everything in life which is the culture of I-God. This is the guild that the original man uses to keep everything right and exact.
  8. Clothing is to shield your body from the cold of winter and the heat of summer. Clothing is the supreme alphabet these lessons will give you the power to build God’s civilization with the science of education destroying the devil’s manifestation with separation by acknowledging the truth and repelling the falsehood.
  9. Shelter is ones house to shield you from the out of doors and to keep you and your family warm and safe this is your (12 Jewels of Islam). The home is holy ground and one should remove thy shoes upon entering because you’re in the house of God.
  10. Love is understanding and not two separate qualities it is the knowledge and wisdom that bring about the family of the original man proving that he is a Lord, he king, father God that is I and thereby abides in paradise (Heaven) which is a state of mind.
  11. Peace is the absence of confusion there is know such thing as confusion but only a lack of understanding. (Positive Education Activates Creative Elevation).
  12. Happiness is the self-satisfaction of one’s self-being…
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120 Lessons Supreme Wisdom PDF Free Download

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