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XXN Abbreviation List

The XXN abbreviation list is commonly employed in the field of law and legal documents, it is the practice of referencing other publications using established abbreviations for the titles of each source.

The XXN abbreviation list is used in law and legal documents.

In legal documents, it is customary to refer to other publications using standardized abbreviations for the titles of each source.

Abbreviations are also used for common words or legal phrases. These citations and abbreviations exist in a wide variety of documents, including court decisions, regulations, statutes, journal articles, books, and other legal materials.

Book publishers vary in their methods of presenting abbreviations, which may be with or without a period for each letter.

For example, the Code of Federal Regulations is referred to as “C.F.R.” Can be abbreviated as. Or simply as “CFR”. XXN.

  • XXN1 – Next Generation Networking
  • XXN2 – eXtreme X-ray Navigation
  • XXN3 – Cross-Platform eXperience Network
  • XXN4 – Xenon-Xenon Neutron
  • XXN5 – eXtended X-ray Notation
  • XXN6 – XXN Studios
  • XXN7 – Xenogen Corporation
  • XXN8 – XXN Capital Partners
  • XXN9 – XXN Crypto Token
  • XXN10 – XXN Index

XXN Abbreviation List

XXN Abbreviation List is given below.

S.No.AbbreviationsFull Form
1.2GSecond Generation
2.3GThird Generation
3.4GFourth Generation
4.ARPUAverage Revenue Per User
5.AWSAdvanced Wireless Service
6.BLSBureau of Labor Statistics
7.BRSBroadband Radio Service
8.CFRCode of Federal Regulations
9.CAPEXCapital Expenditures
10.CDCCenters for Disease Control
11.CDMACode Division Multiple Access
12.CEOChief Executive Officer
13.CMACellular Market Area
14.CMRSCommercial Mobile Radio Services
15.CPIConsumer Price Index
16.DADelegated Authority
17.DASDistributed Antenna System
18.DOJDepartment of Justice
19.DSLDigital Subscriber Line
20.EAEconomic Area
21.EBITEarnings before Interest and Taxes
22.EBITDAEarnings before Interest, Taxes, Debt, and Amortization
23.EBSEducational Broadband Service
24.EDGEEnhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution
25.EHAExclusive Handset Agreement
26.ETFEarly Termination Fee
27.EV-DOEvolution Data Optimized
28.FCCFederal Communications Commission
29.FDDFrequency Division Duplex
30.FNPRMFurther Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
31.FSSFrequency Spread Spectrum
32.FTCFederal Trade Commission
33.GAOGovernment Accountability Office
36.GPRSGeneral Packet Radio Service
37.GSMGlobal System for Mobile Communication
38.HHIHerfindahl-Hirschman Index
39.HSPAHigh Speed Packet Access
40.HTMLHyperText Markup Language
41.HTTPHypertext Transfer Protocol
42IBInternational Bureau
43.iDENIntegrated Digital Enhanced Network
44.ILECIndependent Local Exchange Carrier
45.ITIFInformation Technology & Innovation Foundation
46.ITUInternational Telecommunication Union
47.kbpsKilobits per Second
48.LECLocal Exchange Carrier
49.LLCLimited Liability Corporation
50.LNPLocal Number Portability
51.LTELong Term Evolution
54.MbpsMegabits per Second
56.MIMOMultiple Input Multiple Output
57.MMSMultimedia Messaging Service
58.MOUsMinutes of use (average minutes of use per subscriber per month)
59.MSAMetropolitan Statistical Area
60.MSSMobile Satellite Service
61.MTAMajor Trading Area
62.MVNOMobile Virtual Network Operator
63.NCHSNational Center for Health Statistics
64.NFCNear-Field Communication
65.NHISNational Health Interview Survey
66.NISTNational Institute of Standards and Technology
67.NOINotice of Inquiry
68.NPA-NXXthe first six digits of a ten-digit telephone number
69.NPACNumber Portability Administration Center
70.NPRMNotice of Proposed Rulemaking
71.NRUFNumbering Report / Utilization Forecast
72.NTCANational Telecommunications Cooperative Association
73.NTIANational Telecommunications and Information Administration
74.OBIOmnibus Broadband Initiative
75.OETOffice of Engineering & Technology
76.OSOperating System
77.PCPersonal Computer
78.PCSPersonal Communications System
79.PNPublic Notice
80.PSTNPublic Switched Telephone Network
81.PUCPublic Utility Commission
82.R&DResearch and Development
83.R&OReport and Order
84.RFRadio Frequency
85.RPMRevenue per Minute
86.RSARural Service Area
87.SECSecurity and Exchange Commission
88.SIMSubscriber Identity Module
89.SMRSpecialized Mobile Radio
90.SMSShort Message Service
92.TDDTime Division Duplex
93.TDMTime Division Multiplexing
94.TDMATime Division Multiple Access
95.ULSUniversal Licensing System
96.UMTSUniversal Mobile Telecommunications System
97.USUnited States
98.USBUniversal Serial Bus
99.USFUniversal Service Fund
100.VoIPVoice over Internet Protocol
101.WCDMAWideband Code Division Multiple Access
102.WCSWireless Communications Service
103.WiMAXWorldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access
104.WLANWireless Local Area Network
105.WTBWireless Telecommunications Bureau
Data in this table is taken from US government website.
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Abbreviation List XXN PDF Free Download

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