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Encyclopedia of Comic Books and Graphic Novels Book Pdf Free Download

Graphic Novel

Comic books have long been among the least respected forms of American popular culture, often regarded as mindless entertainment for kids, yet sometimes regarded as dangerous bad influences unsuitable for kids.

That has all begun to change, especially in the past two decades, when comic book authors and artists such as Alan Moore, Frank Miller, and

Neil Gaiman has gained increasing critical acclaim for the complexity and sophistication of their work and when the publishing phenomenon is known as the “graphic novel”

which allows for longer and more complex single-volume narratives in the comics as a medium-has provided a new and more respected outlet for the comics art form.

Yet the comics have a rich and varied history even before this time of increased critical respect. Comics also tend to be highly intertextual,

so that it becomes difficult fully to appreciate any given comic without at least some broad general knowledge of its background in comics history.

This Encyclopedia of Comic Books and Graphic Novels is intended to provide a useful central resource both for those who have a professional interest in researching comic books and graphic novels and for those who simply want to enrich their reading of comics.

The history of comic books is vast and complex, and these two volumes cannot hope to be comprehensive, so some practical (but often difficult) decisions have had to be made regarding content.

These decisions have been made in consultation with the project’s Editorial Board, as well as with the full list of contributors to these volumes.

The most important decision was to emphasize Anglophone comics, with a special emphasis on comics first published in the United States and on American writers and artists.

Thus, the rich comics traditions in Europe and Japan are given less emphasis. though some of their highlights are at least indicated, mostly through the entries entitled “European Comics” and “Manga.

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Encyclopedia of Comic Books and Graphic Novels Book Pdf Free Download

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