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Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot Guide Book PDF Free Download

How to Work With This Book

This book offers everything you need to know to read tarot cards for daily affirmation, prediction, and intuitive and spiritual development.

Anyone can learn to work with tarot and can benefit greatly from its insights; all you need is an open mind and a willingness to trust the impressions you sense during a reading.

We begin with the basics-the structure of a tarot deck, and how the cards to link with astrology, Kabbala, and numbers (see pages 10 and 19).

Next, you’ll learn how to lay out the cards for a reading. You can try the traditional spreads on pages 20-28, and the mini-layouts given for each major arcana card-a total of thirty.

The mini-layouts are all original to this book, and I invite you to share them and use them as inspiration for devising your own spreads; the aim is to help you be creative with tarot, to experiment and find ways to read the cards that work for you.

There’s no right or wrong way to lay out cards just the way that’s right for you.

The interpretations chapters follow from page 29 on. To begin with, you might like to use the keywords for the card meanings shown on pages 29 and 118 as a quick reference.

In the detailed major arcana card interpretations, you will see listed the card’s alternative names, number, and numerological association-this is the number that the card’s number reduces to, which gives additional insight.

For example, XXI, The World, reduces as follows: 2+1=3, or III, The Empress. Also listed is the card’s astrological sign or planet, element, Hebrew letter and Tree of Life pathway, chakra, and key meanings.

I also highlight and explain the key symbols of each card, along with each major arcana card’s “Reflection” in the minor arcana, which guides you toward the minor cards that hold similar meanings to the major card.

For example, major card IV, The Emperor, is reflected in the four kings of the minor arcana because as kings they reflect the “father” aspect of the Emperor.

The minor arcana interpretations are divided by suit and list for cards Ace through Ten each card’s suit, element, astrological association, number, and Tree of Life position and key meaning.

Page and Knight court cards list just their element and key meaning, while the Queens and Kings also include zodiac signs and associated chakras.

You’ll find further information on chakras’ and crystals’ association with tarot in the Appendicies, along with a glossary of terms.

When you are reading your cards or reading about them, you may be drawn to particular aspects, from astrology to Kabbala or numerology to an individual card’s fascinating history or symbols.

While all these areas are research subjects in themselves, this book aims to give you a foundation from which to begin; if you’re a seasoned reader, my hope is that you will find something in these pages that sparks your imagination and offers a new perspective.

However you work with this book, I invite you to share with me the journey of tarot and benefit from greater insight into yourself and others.

How Reading Tarot Can Benefit You

Tarot is a system of archetypes, a picture book of the human condition, reflecting our states of mind and stages of life.

Over the past six hundred years, people have consulted the cards for religious instruction, spiritual insight, self-knowledge, and divining of the future.

The ancient symbols we see on the cards are designed to stimulate our intuition, connecting us with our higher selves or our divine or spiritual aspect.

  • Regular tarot practice has many personal benefits, including the following: Increased self-awareness: Tarot gives you space to focus on yourself.
  • Enhanced creativity: A tarot reading can offer a different perspective on a problem and innovative ways forward.
  • Better-honed intuition and psychic ability: Tarot helps you see probable future events and influences.
  • The ability to empower others to find their spiritual path
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Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot Guide Book PDF Free Download

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