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To The Maruts

COME hither, Maruts, on your chariots charged with light- Coning, resounding with beautiful songs, stored with spears, and winged with horses!

Fly to us like birds, with your best food, you mighty ones! They come gloriously on their red, or, it may be, on their tawny horses which hasten their chariots..

He who holds the axe is brilliant like gold;-with the tire of the chariot, they have struck the earth.

On your bodies there are daggers for beauty; may they stir up our minds as they stir up the forests.

For yourselves, O well-born Maruts, the vigorous among you shake the stone for distilling Soma.

Days went round you and came back, O hawks, back to this prayer, and to this sacred rite; the Gotamas making prayer with songs, pushed up the lid of the cloud to drink.

No such hymn was ever known as this which Gotama sounded for you, O Maruts, when he saw you on golden wheels, wild boars rushing about with iron tusks.

This comforting speech rushes sounding towards you, like the speech of a suppliant: it rushed freely from our hands as our speeches are wont to do.

Let us now proclaim for the robust host, for the herald of the powerful Indra, their ancient greatness!

O ye strong- voiced Maruts, you heroes, prove your powers on your march, as with a torch, as with a sword!

Like parents bringing a dainty to their own son, the wild Maruts play playfully at the sacrifices.

The Rudras reach the worshipper with their protection, strong in themselves, they do not fail the sacrificer.

For him to whom the immortal guardians have given fulness of wealth, and who is himself a giver of oblations, the Maruts.

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World’s great classics Book PDF Free Download

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