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Matthew Hussey

First, I want to start with some foundational guidelines that will give a text-savvy starting point for any message.

It’s all about being

What does that mean? Your state of mind drives your results. If you are feeling needy, jealous, unworthy, or scared your messages will send an energy of low-value, maybe even desperation.

However, if you’re coming from a place of love-abundance — in other words, you are connected to your source of Love, and you own your worth — your messages will not only radiate confidence but be more authentically YOU!

Be real and be casual

Too often we put added pressure on texting someone we’re romantically involved with.

We constantly question ourselves: Will he find this funny? Does this seem like I’m coming on too strong? Do I seem standoffish? This overthinking is not only exhausting but will change the way you text, and not in a good way! The fact of the matter is, you want someone who will love your authentic self.

So if you’re having a hard time stopping yourself from overthinking your messages, try this Texting Tip.

Texting Tip #1:

When you aren’t sure what to say, or how to respond, try asking these powerful questions: What message would I send a good friend of mine?

or What would my authentic self say right now? When you align with your authentic self, and you keep things light and casual, you’re much more likely to communicate in a way that connects.

Humor & Sarcasm

Everyone wants someone who they can tease and joke around with. That’s part of the fun! However, when you’re in the early stages of the relationship they don’t know you very well, let alone your sense of humor!

Over text, your message is stripped of facial expressions and tone, making it very easy to be misinterpreted.

It’s best to wait until you know someone better before trying to tease them or make too many jokes. Also important: Sarcasm does not translate well over text — use it with extreme caution!

Of course, NEVER joking around sounds crazy right?! You want them to see how lighthearted and fun you can be!

So, when you send a joke, think before you send it and try this texting tip:

Texting Tip #2:

Try putting yourself in his shoes, and imagine you are the one receiving the message you’re about to send.

Read the text aloud to yourself without any vocal fluctuation.

Now, how would you interpret that message if you received it? Still funny? Then send away! grammar & Punctu@t!0n Grammar is definitely not a favorite subject in school (With the exception of you rockstar editors out there who have probably found some glaring “misgrammatical” errors in this eBook already!

And of course, it’s no fun to have a sexy conversation if you’re irritated by the incorrect use of “you’re” vs. “your.” Better grammar can go a long way in helping ensure your text is

understood. You don’t have to be perfect (if you’re unsure, go ahead and use “ur”!). The end goal here is simply that your message is clearly understood.

So, give that text a second read-through before you hit Send. Punctuation is also important in giving your message the right meaning.

Using exclamation points and smiley faces is a great way to communicate excitement and make a text seem a little more friendly.

However, be sure to use these symbols in moderation because too many exclamation points and overuse of capitalization can come across like an overexcited CHIHUAHUA!!!!!

Chat Lingo

It’s human nature to find the fastest, easiest route in any given situation, and with the innovation of the internet, smartphones, and texting, we have created a culture of shortcuts in our communication and language.

Back in the day, chat lingo such as LOL, OMG, G2G, and BRB, were great for saving yourself a couple of keystrokes, but they also can leave a lot of room for interpretation.

Now, with things like predictive text and autocorrect, they are much less necessary. Skip the ambiguous acronyms and opt for something that shows a little more effort, and leaves no room for misunderstanding.

Besides, no one wants to have to translate “LMAO OMG BRB IH2GSWMGP” (Huh?!)

(By the way, if you thought this meant, “I have to go shopping with my gal pal.” You’re wrong! It means, “I have to go swimming with my grandpa.” ;-P)

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How To Text Guys eBook PDF Free Download

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