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When The Moon Split

Within these biographical limitations, our primary objective was to produce a text accessible to those familiar with the Prophet’s life. Nevertheless, some concepts, words, or events may pose challenges to some readers. To enhance understanding, we recommend consulting a reliable reference book on Islam or Islamic history for clarification.

This biography, “When the Moon Split”, is a first-hand account of the Prophet’s life, taken from the most accurate and reliable sources of Muslim scholars and historians. In particular, there has been no attempt to modernize or selectively emphasize aspects of the Prophet’s character based on contemporary preferences. The narrative remains true to the historical context without justifying or omitting details deemed “politically incorrect” by some readers.

In contrast to the apologetic approach common in English writing about the Prophet’s life, Professor Mubarakpuri avoids offering justifications or explanations. Recognizing the Prophet’s outstanding stature beyond time and culture, there is no need for recurring entertainment for different audiences; His greatness is evident in any context.

Under the supervision of Halima Saadia:

In the customary practice of the inhabitants of Mecca, newborn babies were entrusted to Bedouin women for a few years in the desert. The purpose of this upbringing was to instill in the children strength and perseverance as well as the purest form of Arabic.

Abdul Muttalib sought a Bedouin woman to work as a nurse and take his grandson to the desert. Despite offers from other women, after learning that the child’s father had died, no one accepted it, and expected inadequate reward from the family without a father.

Halima bint Abu Dhuwayb, who was present that day, took pity on the rejected baby in Abdul Muttalib’s lap. She and her husband, Harith bin Abdul Uzza, brought the infant Muhammad to the desert, relieved that they would not return empty-handed.

Both Halima and Harith were from the tribe of Saad bin Bakr bin Hawazen, and their children became the Prophet’s foster siblings – Abdullah, Anisa and Judama (Shayma). Notably, Judhaama served as the Prophet’s nurse.

AuthorSafiur Rahuman Mubarakpuri
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When The Moon Split PDF Free Download

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