The Life Of Mahatma Gandhi PDF By Louis Fischer

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The Life Of Mahatma Gandhi PDF Free Download

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The Life Of Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi was meeting Patel and his daughter Maniben. There were rumors of differences between Patel and Nehru which Gandhi was trying to resolve. Gandhi’s granddaughter Abha reminded him that it was time for his daily prayers. As Gandhi proceeded towards the prayer ground, he joked lightly with Abha and Manu. More than 500 people had gathered to pray and cheer on Gandhi’s arrival. Later, thousands of military personnel and civilians joined Gandhiji’s funeral procession. His body was cremated on a pyre on the banks of the Jamna River, attended by approximately one million people. When the pyre was lit, the crowd moved forward for a moment but then retreated.

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The Life Of Mahatma Gandhi PDF Free Download

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