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List of Best Courses After 10th Standard 2023

Are you feeling anxious and confused about the next steps to take after completing your Class 10th boards? It’s only natural to experience these types of feelings as a young person in India.

If that’s why you’re reading this article, then we have the answers for you. We’ll discuss the different courses after the 10th available, which stream is best after the 10th, and how to create a successful career path. 

Before starting this journey, we suggest speaking with a professional career counselor so they can help guide you through any tough decisions. 

Career counseling can provide invaluable advice and assistance, ensuring that you make smart choices without rushing into anything you might later regret.

After passing the 10th class what should students do after 10th to help the students we are providing what to do after 10th PDF to help the students to choose the best field for their better career option. Students can enroll in polytechnic courses.

They can also enroll in diploma programs after completing 10th or 12th class. Courses in Mechanical, Civil, Chemical, Computer, Marine Technology, Textile Technology, Automotive Technology, etc. Nowadays there are a lot of opportunities in every field but you should always select the stream/course based on your interests, aptitude, and your marks.

Marks obtained in class 10. Stay tuned to this page to better understand what happens next after the 10th. It is important to assess your interest and aptitude and match it with your understanding of the career requirements. If you choose a stream based only on your interests and do not have the right skills and abilities, it may create problems in the future.

Let’s explore what career counseling has to offer.


Sr NoName of the course
1Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
2Diploma in Electrical Engineering
3Diploma in Civil Engineering
4Diploma in Computer Engineering
5Diploma in Chemical Engineering
6Diploma in Production Engineering
7Diploma in Electronics & Communication Engineering
8Diploma in Automobile Engineering
9Diploma in Communication & Computer Networking
10Diploma in Information Technology
11Diploma in Architectural Assistantship
12Diploma in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
13Diploma in Automation & Robotics
14Diploma in Cloud Computing & Big Data
15Diploma in Gaming & Animation
16Diploma in Instrumentation & Control Engineering
17Diploma in Textile Chemistry
18Diploma in Textile Processing Technology
19Diploma in Plastic Engineering
20Diploma in Mining Engineering
21Diploma in Ceramic Technology
22Diploma in Agricultural Engineering
23Diploma in Food Processing & Technology
24Diploma in Information & Communication Technology
25Diploma in Tool & Die Making
26Diploma in Biomedical Engineering
27Diploma in Metallurgy
28Diploma in Power Electronics
29Diploma in Textile Manufacturing Technology
30Diploma in Architecture
31Diploma in Geo-informatics
32Diploma in Plastic Mould Technology
33Diploma in Petroleum Engineering
34Diploma in Printing Technology
35Diploma in Electronics Production & Maintenance
36Diploma in Medical Electronics
37Diploma in Marine Engineering
38Diploma in Mechatronics
39Diploma in Leather Technology
40Diploma in Rubber Technology
41Diploma in Packaging Technology
42Diploma in Computer Applications
43Diploma in Industrial Electronics
44Diploma in Environmental Engineering
45Diploma in Petrochemical Engineering
46Diploma in Plastic & Polymer Engineering
47Diploma in Polymer Technology
48Diploma in Garment Fabrication Technology
49Diploma in Renewable Energy
50Diploma in Robotic Process Automation
51Diploma in Computer Hardware Engineering
52Diploma in Audiography & Sound Engineering
53Diploma in Cyber Forensics & Information Security
54Diploma in Safety & Fire Engineering
55Diploma in Refrigeration & Air-conditioning
56Diploma in Paint Technology

Duration of the course: An average diploma in an engineering program lasts for a period of 3 years. Each academic year is divided into two semesters (6 months each).

Government, government-aided, and private polytechnic colleges offer these programs across India. In order to secure admission, candidates must take part in the merit-based admission process. Board exam marks and/or score in relevant entrance exam plays an important role in the merit-based admission process.

Let us take a closer look at the general diploma programs now. These courses are based on disciplines such as – arts, commerce, management, finance, design, etc.


Sr NoName of the course
1Diploma in Craft Technology
2Diploma in Commercial & Computer Practice
3 Diploma in Cinematography
4 Diploma in Film & Video Editing
5Diploma in Fine Arts
6Diploma in Costume Design & Garment Technology
7Diploma in Library & Information Science
8Diploma in Modern Office Practice
9Diploma in Costume Design & Dress Making
10Diploma in Interior Decoration
11Diploma in Modern Office Management
12Diploma in Art for Drawing Teacher
13Diploma in Commercial Art
14Diploma in Interior Design
15Diploma in Cosmetology & Health
16Diploma in Modern Office Practice (Hindi)
17Diploma in Fashion Technology
18Diploma in Apparel Design & Fabrication Technology
19Diploma in Beauty & Hairdressing
20Diploma in Stenography & Secretarial Practice
21Diploma in Beauty Culture & Cosmetology
22Diploma in Beauty Culture
23Diploma in Visual Graphics
24Diploma in Cosmetology
25Diploma in Photography
26Diploma in Hotel Management & Catering Technology
27Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Administration
28Diploma in Travel & Tourism
29Diploma in Hotel Management
30Diploma in Business Management
31Diploma in Finance, Accounts & Auditing
32Diploma in Office Management & Computer Application
33Diploma in Knitting & Garment Technology
34Diploma in Event Management
35Diploma in Meat Technology
36Diploma in Tourism Studies
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After 10th Courses List PDF Free Download

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