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Story Of Buccaneers And Buried Gold

Well, then,’ he said, ‘this is my berth. There you are, friend,’ he called to the man who carried the cart; “Come along and help me lift my chest.

I will stay here for a while,” he added.

“I am a simple man; Rum, bacon and eggs are just what I want, and off I go to see the ships. Call me what you bought. You can call me Captain. Oh, I see what you’re doing – there”

And he threw three-four gold pieces on the threshold. “You can tell when I’ve worked on it,” he says, looking fierce like a commander.

and indeed how bad his clothes were and how rude he spoke, his appearance was by no means that of a man swimming before the mast, but rather that of a mate or captain accustomed to obey or to attack. Was.

The man who had come with Barrow told us that Mel had set him up at the Royal George the morning before, asking what inns were along the coast.

and speaking well of us, I think, and being described as alone, he has chosen it from others for his abode. And there’s just so much we could learn from our guest.

He was a very calm person by nature. All day he hung around the bay or on the rocks with a brass telescope; The whole evening he sat by the fire in a corner of the parlor and drank plenty of rum and water.

For the most part, when spoken to, he did not speak, only looked suddenly and fiercely and blew his nose like a fog horn; And we and the people who came to our house soon learned to let it be.

Every day when he came back from a walk, he used to ask if any sailor had passed by on the way.

At first, we thought it was his wanting the company of his own kind that made him pop the question, but eventually, we started to see that he wanted to avoid them.

When a sailor stopped at Admiral Benbow (as now and then some did while making the coastal road to Bristol).

Before entering the parlor he watched her through the curtained door, and whenever such a person was present he was always as silent as a mouse.

For me, at least, there was no mystery in this matter, because I, in a way, shared in his worries.

He took me aside one day and promised me four silver paise on the first of every month, if I would only keep my weather-eye open for a one-legged seafarer and he would appear. I will tell him.

Often when the first day of the month came and I applied to him for my wages, he would just turn and stare at me.

But he’ll certainly think better of it before the week is out, bring me my fourpence piece, and repeat his orders to keep an eye out for “the one-legged seafaring man.”

I hardly need tell you how that personality haunted my dreams.

On stormy nights, when the wind shook the four corners of the house and the sea roared against the rocks along the bay, I saw him in a thousand forms and with a thousand devilish expressions.

Now the leg will be amputated at the knee, now at the hip; Now he was a monstrous type creature that had never had a leg, and it was in the middle of his body.

Watching him jump, run and chase me over fences and ditches was my worst nightmare.

and altogether, in the shape of these abominable fantasies, I paid dearly for my monthly four-pence piece.

AuthorRobert Louis Stevenson
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