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Korean English dictionary

At this stage in the study of Korean, the work of preparing a dictionary is attended by a long series of discouragement.

There is no written record of colloquial the labor of finding words to begin with quenches any desire for further effort.

Japanese scholars have had similar difficulties to contend with, and how great these are is proven by the fact.

That notwithstanding so many years of study and preparation, an unabridged dictionary published in the autumn of last year (1890), is found to lack many of the common words of the language.

This defect is certainly not due to insufficient scholarship on the part of the compilers, but to the impossibility of finding words, even simple ones, without something to suggest them.

In the work of preparing the dictionary, the list of words compiled by the French Fathers has been used as a basis.

During the six years of preparation, several thousand more have been added from available sources.

And yet the dictionary makes no pretensions to being unabridged, as such is an impossibility at this stage in the language.

Another discouragement is the fact that there are no ratings prepared as yet for the task of lexicography.

One thing all educated Koreans know is the use of a word in its proper connection, but when it comes to taking it independently and defining it by other terms, the conditions and requirements are entirely foreign to their mode of thought.

The only way to arrive at a definition is by comparing sentences that show the possible ways in which it is used by trustworthy speakers of the capital.

This has been the aim of the prosecution of the work.

Of course, it will be seen that there is here also the same difficulty that there was in finding words, for how is the clew to be suggested by which all the uses may be thought of.

When it comes to defining so many thousands of words, more or less important, the time at one’s disposal has to be apportioned carefully to bring the work within reasonable limits.

For an unlimited time may be spent and still leave portions incomplete and insufficiently tested.

Another discouragement is the difference between the sound of the colloquial and the book-form system of spelling.

It is quite easy to suggest that the colloquial be followed throughout, but there are innumerable obstacles in the way

of such a course. The Option has foxed the readings of the characters, though these readings do not in every case agree with the sound of the colloquial.

There are also book forms of the vernacular, that are already in everyday use.

These and other conditions have contributed to forming a question, that we had no desire to sit in judgment on.

As it is, a middle course has been chosen, so as to avoid as far as possible extreme book forms and also a too literal rendering of the colloquial.

Another serious question has been as to the dividing line between the colloquial and Chinese literary expressions X).

In view of this difficulty, it was found necessary to add Part II, containing all the characters of the Okp’yen with the meanings taken from Giles Chinese Dictionary, and the Okp’yon itself, in the desire to make the work as complete as possible for literary expressions as well.

It seemed in accordance with the wishes of those most interested, that the alphabetical order of the French Dictionary is followed.

The order is: el a ya, or, of yoor yw, x, of ir, £ yo, 7 N, y, h. 7 kg, VN, O, por b, 2, 2 Torr, Resort, C ford, E, chord. 4.

A slight change or ton will be noticed, whereas in the French Dictionary the A and E, and 2 are in some cases regarded as one letter.

And so appear side by side, in the present work they are separated entirely, and the order of the list given above is adhered to strictly, regardless of variations in the sounds of the letters.

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Korean English dictionary Book PDF Free Download

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