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Stationery and Paper Goods

803) Adler Favor and Novelty Co., New Ideas in Favors, Novelties Etc. St. Louis, MO: 1926. 32 pp., 8vo. Illustrated wrappers All the paper goods needed for making a party are here.

Dolls, toys, fancy hats and caps, dance favors and programs as well as a host of other types of novelty. All the items are illustrated and priced. $50.00

804) Aikin, Lambert & Co., Gold Pens, Pen Holders, Pencil Cases, Tooth Picks New York, NY c.1900. 8 pp., 12mo.

A small illustrated catalog of pens, printed in gold ink Nibs and holders are offered on different pages, with several dozen different models listed.

Stiff wrappers are lithographed in color by Mayer, Merkel & Ottmann and have humorous scenes involving pens. $175.00

805) Allen Brothers, Latest Improved Self-Inking Stamps, Dating and Ribbon Stamps, Seal Presses Boston, MA: c. 1885. 64 pp., 12mo. Original wrappers, fine condition.

Shows stencils, labels, stamps, with many typefaces and cuts available to be placed on these items. $100.00

806) Bradley, Milton, Co., Catalogue of School Aids and Materials Springfield, MA 1890. 129 pp., 8vo. Somewhat soiled due to previous water exposure, 4 pages printed in color.

Includes separate sections for school supplies and kindergarten equipment. Fully illustrated and priced. One page offers two early Milton Bradley games. $150.00

807) Crown Card Co., New Sample Book Columbus, OH: c.1895. 10 pp., 12mo. Folding brochure of embossed, brightly chromolitho graphed cards to be used as small calling cards, fodder for scrapbooks, etc.

The cards are die-cut and then printed with illustrations of flowers, birds or pastoral scenes.

The verso has ads for sample books for prospective salesmen for the company well as an ad for The Yankee Camera, complete with the camera itself and darkroom supplies. $125.00

808) Dennison Manufacturing Co.. Art & Decoration Crepe and Tissue Paper Boston, MA: 1909, 96 pp., 8vo. Illustrated paper wrappers.

The text is designed to instruct the readers on how to make all kinds of paper novelties out of crepe paper.

Screens, hats doll clothes, and even wedding decorations are included in the list of items to be made. Illustrated and with patterns to be followed $50.00

809) Dutton, E. P., Art Calendars for the Season 1914 New York, NY: 1914. 36 pp, 12mo. Colored pictorial wrappers. 178 calendars are listed, many of which are accompanied by small uncolored illustrations. $30.00

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Trade Catalogue Book PDF Free Download

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