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The World Of Yesterday Book PDF Free Download

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Still und eng und nahig auferzogen Wirfi man uns auf einmal in die Welt; Uus spillen hunderttausend Wogen Alles redz uns.

Muncherlei gefalle Mancherlei verdrieur en and vent Stund 2 Stunden Schenker das leichnamige Gefahl: Wir empfinden, und was wir empfunden Spillt hinweg das bunte Weltgewithl.

WHEN I attempt to find a simple formula for the period in which I grew up, prior to the First World War, I hope that I convey its fulness by calling it the Golden Age of Security.

Everything in our almost thousand-year-old Austrian monarchy seemed based on permanency, and the State itself was the chief guarantor of this stability.

The rights which it granted to its citizens were duly confirmed by parliament, the freely elected representative of the people, and every duty was exactly prescribed.

Our currency, the Austrian crown, circulated in bright gold pieces, an assurance of its immutability.

Everyone knew how much he possessed or what he was entitled to, what was permitted and what was forbidden. Everything had its norm, its definite measure, and weight.

He who had a fortune could accurately compute his annual interest. An official or an officer, for example, could confidently look up in the calendar the year when he would be advanced in rank.

When he would be pensioned. Each family had its fixed budget and knew how much could be spent for rent and food, for holidays and entertainment.

And what is more, invariably a small sum was carefully laid aside for sickness and the doctor’s bills, for the unexpected.

Whoever owned a house looked upon it as a secure domicile for his children and grandchildren; estates and businesses were handed down from generation to generation.

When the babe was still in its cradle, its first mite was put in its little bank, or deposited in the savings bank, as a “reserve” for the future.

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The World Of Yesterday Book PDF Free Download

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