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My Days With Nehru Book PDF Free Download

Of Animals and Children, Flowers and Plants

Apart from his attraction for mountains, his love of animals and children, as well as flowers, plants, and trees, was one of Nehru’s pronounced qualities.

His love of children was totally different from that of professional politicians of the West for whom patting and kissing children in public is a vote-catching gimmick.

To all normal people, children are a joy to watch and to play with. Nehru saw in their innocent faces and sparkling eyes the future of India.

He was convinced that no amount of money spent on children and their mothers was too much and that it was a sound investment for the future.

He was deeply interested in any scheme designed to benefit children and women, more especially the provision of mid-day meals for the privileged school children.

Nehru was responsible for Indian schools introducing knapsacks that would hang on the backs of children instead of the front or the sides.

He wanted children not to be stooping but to be erect while walking with a loud of books on their backs. Nehru was interested in almost everything.

He retained the curiosity of a child throughout his life. When he heard that the extraordinarily good and motherly American woman.

Who was the wife of the American Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker, had devised some simple contraption.

Which would be of help to sweepers, he promptly invited her to tea on a Sunday afternoon at the Prime Minister’s House.

The elderly woman came in style in a huge Cadillac with a long-handled broom.

She held the theory that the backs of sweepers in Delhi, particularly women, were bent because they had been using short brooms all their lives.

Nehru tried the broom outside the Prime Minister’s House. He later asked the Delhi Municipal Corporation and the New Delhi Municipal Committee to introduce the long-handled broom and supply them to all the sweepers.

The Ambassador’s wife said she felt amply rewarded and made the comment “nothing moves in Delhi unless the Prime Minister takes an interest.”

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My Days With Nehru Book PDF Free Download

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