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The Way Of The World

My lord, whether the world accuses me of vanity or not, I have decided to dedicate this comedy to your lordship.

I’m still in doubt; Although it may be so, even doubting it is somewhat futile.

Anyone who has ever had the honor of your Lordship’s conversation cannot be presumed to think too lowly of the thing which he would like for your perusal.

Yet it was an allegation of too much substantiality to pretend such an ability as to stand the test of your Lordship’s censure.

Whatever value this play may still have to me, it will be sufficiently fulfilled once it becomes your possession.

and it is my security, that I cannot value it more by my dedication, than your Lordship will esteem it by your patronage.

Its success on the stage was almost beyond my expectation; Because very little of it was prepared for the general taste that now seems to dominate the tastes of our audience.

The characters who are ridiculed in most of our comedies are so stupid that, in my humble opinion, they ought rather to disturb the good-natured and reflective part of the audience than to bewilder them; They are objects of charity rather than scorn, and instead of increasing our pleasure, they should often excite our compassion.

This reflection led me to design some characters who should appear ridiculous not so much through a natural stupidity (which is not correctable, and therefore not appropriate for the stage) as through an affected intelligence. From: An intelligence that, at the same time, is impressed, is also a lie.

As there is some difficulty in the formation of a character of this nature, there are also some dangers which attend the progress of its success on the stage.

Many people come to the play so overwhelmed with criticism that they often give vent to their condemnation, when in haste they miss their purpose.

I recently had occasion to observe this: for the play was acted two or three days before some of these hasty judges could have leisure to distinguish between the character of Witwood and Truewit.

In the end I led my FCLF to think about ‘Semi’, that after all, contrary to my definition and campaign, they gave me cv ry hours left and leis differbensz, until in a few days it’s up to me to remember Without pleasing them the habit has not become. They are now as familiar to me as my own Frilties J and there is every chance that in no time they too will be a fnuu like him.

Fain, marry her, marry her^ become more than half acquainted with her charms, as you are acquainted with her shortcomings> and not with my life, you are your own man again.

Meera, do you say cum?

Fen* I, 1^ I have experience: I have a wife, and so forth.

Enter mezfanger, i(f. Is there a squire jwitwood here > bet, yes what is your buinfs.^

Mef. I have a letter for him from his brother, Sir Willfully, which I want to put into his hands.

Condition. He is in the next room, friend – towards Thar. \ExitMeJ[.

Meera. What, the head of that noble family in town, Sir F/nful Ypvuotid>-

Froath. He is given a day sentence. Do you know him

Meera. I’ve seen him, he promises to be an extraordinary man, I think it’s an honor for you to join him.

Fen, yes^ he is this wife’s half-brother, who was my wife’s mother’s caretaker. If you marry Millmant, you are free to have cuffins too.

Meera, I would have preferred to be his relative rather than his acquaintance.

Fain, he comes to town to prepare himself for the journey.

Meera. for the journey! Why is the man I mean above forty?

Froath. It doesn’t matter that it is to the honor of England that all of Europe (should) know that we have blockheads of all ages.

Meera. I am surprised that there is no ACL of Parliament to take away the credit of the nation and ban the export of fools.

Fain, either way, is no better as a ‘cisj’ cis, it is better to do business with a little loaf than to be stocked with a lot.

Af/>^. Pray, are the follies of this knight-rank and the follies of his brother the squire connected?

Froath. Not at all, J ivtwood grows by the night, like a medlar planted on a crab. One will melt in your mouth, and the other will bring your teeth to the CDGC, one is completely pulp, and the other is completely core.

Meera. So one will be rotten before being cooked, and the other will be Pv.otten without ever being cooked.

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The Way Of The World PDF Free Download

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