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Summary Of Book

The great encouragement which has been given by the public to the previous editions of this little work, is proved satisfactorily.

Despite the expansion of serious education to all but the earliest stages of life, there still exists an undying love for the popular remnants of ancient Scandinavian nursery literature.

Then again, the babies and children of the nineteenth century have not left behind the poems recited by the mothers of the North for centuries.

It’s a “great nursery fact”—a proof that there is a meaning and a romance embedded in some of these traditional nonsense-rhymes.

Probably sensible only to very young minds, bearing children’s imagination.

It is clear that something of this sort must exist; Because no such modern creation is found which can replace the ancient dogrel.

The nursery rhyme is a novel and light read of the infant scholar. It, in relation to A B C, positions a romance that frees the mind from the anxieties of mature age.

The absurdity and frivolity of a rhyme may naturally be its main attraction to children of a very young age, and something will be missing from that child’s imagination.

whose parents are so insistent on matters of fact, that the “cow” must, in compliance with the rules of their educational code, be made to jump “under” rather than “over” the moon; Of course, the little dog should be considered the “barker”, not the “laugher” at the situation.

I am quite inclined to leave the question to their judgement, realizing that the catering arrangements for them have not been in vain, and are removed from the high-ways and by-ways.

The methods—they have been collected from almost every county in England—will be for real flowers, which will soothe the misery of many hours of infantile adversity.

The next day he took to his bed,

And sent for the doctor;

and begged none other than Catskin, might he come to her room.

He told her how much he loved her, not finding her would break his heart:

Then the doctor promised to talk to the kind old lady.

It is a struggle of pride and love, as she feared that her son would die;

At last pride prevailed, and love prevailed.

Then my master got well soon,

When he was about to marry his charmer;

And the catskin, before twelve months, was brought to the bed of a young lord.

Lady Catskin sent alms to a woman and child walking by one day;

The nurse worked, and took the dear little master in her arms.

Child gave alms to child,

The old mother saw it; “Just watch,” said the wicked old woman,

“How the beggar boys take each


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AuthorJames Halliwell-Phillipps
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The Nursery Rhymes of England PDF Free Download

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