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The Summer I Turned Pretty Book

While in college, Han wrote her first book, the children’s novel Shag. The Shag is a 2006 novel about Annemarie Wilcox, a twelve-year-old girl who struggles with the dangers of high school.

Her next project was a young adult romance trilogy about a girl coming of age in the summer. The Summer I Got Pretty, It’s Not Summer Without You, and We Will Always Have Summer was published by Simon & Schuster between 2009 and 2011 and quickly became New York Times bestsellers.

Han’s second young adult trilogy, Born to Burn, was co-written with Siobhan Vivian and debuted in 2012. The story follows three high school girls who seek vengeance in their island town and contains paranormal and romantic elements. Fire with Fire was released in 2013 and Ashes to Ashes was released in 2014.

Han’s 2014 young adult romance novel, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, is about Lara Jean Song Covey, a high school student whose life is turned upside down when she writes about her five past crushes. Letters are sent by mail without him. Knowledge. A few weeks after its publication, the novel was optioned for film adaptation.

Isabel ‘Bailee’ Conklin lives her life by summer. Each year marks the beginning of wonderful months spent at Susannah’s summer home, the Cousins. Susanna and Bailey’s mother are childhood best friends, as close as sisters.

Bailey and his brother Steven have been visiting the summer house since childhood, and spend long, lazy summer days with Susanna’s sons, Conrad and Jeremiah Fisher.

Even though Bailey enjoys visiting her supposed mother Susanna’s summer home, she still feels mismatched with her childhood friends. She is the youngest child of Summer and the only girl in this boys’ club. She was always begging to join or stay away from the group, desperate to be a part of it but always out of sync.

Bailey’s life becomes even more complicated when she falls in love with Conrad, the biggest fisher. Jeremiah was always good-natured and funny; He was Bailey’s best friend in the whole world. But Conrad is an exception. He is the eldest of the boys, quiet and aloof, full of pride and quiet intensity, and Bailey considered him a hero when he was younger. As a young teenager, her crush turned into the first love of a lifetime… but as much as Bailey longed for Conrad, she was completely oblivious to his feelings… until this summer, that is.

Bailey turns sixteen this summer, and Jeremiah and Conrad see her in a whole new light.

Bailey spent most of his childhood and adolescence at the summer house. the first kiss. first love. first love. first love.

Jenny Han’s “Summer” YA contemporary romance trilogy begins with “The Summer I Turned Pretty.”

summer i became beautiful review

The characters in the novel are beautifully chosen and executed tremendously. The story entertains readers of all ages and keeps them hooked with unexpected twists and turns. Once one starts reading a novel, it is very difficult to leave without finishing it as each and every page of it keeps the users on the edge of the seat.

It doesn’t matter what you like in fiction and novels, this beautiful novel knows how to pique the interest of the readers and make them fall in love. To cut the story short, if you are a fan of great fiction, we highly recommend that you get this novel without wasting any moment. If you’re an occasional reader of his work, we urge you to pick up a copy as soon as possible.

We have been driving for about seven thousand years. Or at least it felt that way. My brother, Steven, used to drive slower than our Grana. I sat next to him in the passenger seat with my feet up on the dashboard. Meanwhile, my mother fainted on the back seat. Even when she slept, she looked alert, like she could wake up at any moment and direct traffic.

“Hurry up,” I urged Steven, hitting him on the shoulder. “Let’s get that kid on the bike and go ahead.”

Steven brushed me off. He said, “Never touch the driver.” “And get your dirty feet off my dashboard.”

I wiggled my toes back and forth. They looked very clean to me. “This is not your dashboard. It’s going to be my car soon, you know.”

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The Summer I Turned Pretty Book PDF Free Download

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