Meditation: The First and Last Freedom: A Practical Guide To Osho Meditations PDF

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Meditation: The First and Last Freedom Book PDF Free Download

Meditation: The First and Last Freedom Book PDF Free Download


The enlightened master Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh is creating a worldwide rebellion for the sake of man’s freedom and meditation.

You may think this is an odd choice. How are they related? Yet the sub the connection between the two is a crucial point in the understanding of man’s future potential.

The door to opening our capacity for love, intimacy, creativity and expansion is meditation. And according to Bhagwan there is no other door, no other path.

For the past thirty-five years, Bhagwan has been deci phering many of the world’s great religious, mystical, and esoteric traditions.

His talks are contained in a mon umental 350 volumes, where he has brought to life countless ancient and contemporary mystics, making the wisdom of their teachings understandable and relevant to our lives today.

This book is a compilation drawn from Bhagwan’s pro found work on meditation. It contains a wide variety of methods which can help us to discover what he calls “Meditation: The First and Last Freedom.”

Bhagwan has said, “Meditation is not something new, you have come with it into the world.

Mind is something new, meditation is your nature. It is your nature, it is your very being. How can it be difficult?”

We make it difficult by struggling against something which we think is preventing us from being free, or, by searching for something which we presume will give us freedom.

It is actually found simply by relaxing into who we are, living life moment to moment.

All over the world people are struggling to be free from something. The struggle may be against a nagging wife, or a controlling husband, a domineering parent, or a boss at work who is quashing creativity.

My struggle was ci ther a fight against a repressive political system or an ef fort to free myself of my childhood conditionings through countless therapies.

This struggle did not make me free; it was simply a reaction against something which I thought was not allowing me to be free.

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Meditation: The First and Last Freedom Book PDF Free Download

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