Molloy Malone Dies The Unnamable

Molloy Malone Dies The Unnamable Book PDF Free Download

Molloy Malone Dies The Unnamable Book PDF Free Download

Excerpt From The Book

They haven’t buried her yet. In any case I have her room. I sleep in her bed. I piss and shit in her pot. I have taken her place.

I must resemble her more and more. All I need now is a son. Perhaps I have one somewhere. But I think not. He would be old now, nearly as old as myself.

It was a little chambermaid. It wasn’t true love. The true love was in another. We’ll come to that. Her name? I’ve forgotten it again. It seems to me sometimes that I even knew my son, that I helped him.

Then I tell myself it’s impossible. It’s impos sible I could ever have helped anyone. I’ve forgotten how to spell too, and half the words.

That doesn’t matter apparently. Good. He’s a queer one the one who comes to see me. He comes every Sunday apparently. The other days he isn’t free. He’s always thirsty.

It was he told me I’d begun all wrong, that I should have begun differently. He must be right. I began at the beginning. like an old ballocks. can you imagine that? Here’s my beginning.

Because they’re keep ing it apparently. I took a lot of trouble with it. Here it is. It gave me a lot of trouble. It was the beginning, do you understand?

Whereas now it’s nearly the end. Is what I do now any better? I don’t know. That’s beside the point. Here’s my beginning. It must mean something, or they wouldn’t keep it. Here it is.

This time, then once more I think, then perhaps the last time, then I think it’ll be over, with that world too, Premonition of the last but one.

All grows dim. A little more and you’ll go blind. It’s in the head. It doesn’t work anymore, it says. I don’t work anymore. You go dumb as well and sounds fade.

AuthorSamuel Beckett
PDF Size31.9 MB
CategoryFiction & Novel


Molloy Malone Dies The Unnamable Book PDF Free Download

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