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Host: “Today we visit 22-year-old Big Daddyhoo and his 8,000-square-foot crib here on the beautiful Atlantic coast live from sunny Palm Beach Florida.

So Big Daddyhoo, tell us about your rides!” Big Daddyhoo: “Yo dude. we’ve got the Ferrari F430 with 22-inch wheels, the sick Lamborghini Gallardo with the custom 10-speaker stereo, and for those nights when I just want to chill with the ladies, the Rolls Royce Arnage does my thing.”

Host: “So Big Daddyhoo, how can you afford all these beautiful rides? And this mansion on the beach? It must have cost over $20 million!” Big Daddyhoo: “Let me tell you dude, Big Daddyhoo got rich off of mutual funds and putting a lot of money into my 401x at my job at Win-Go Wireless.”

Suddenly, you hear a record screeching on the record player. Silence. As you can imagine, this scenario would never happen. Big Daddy’s response is absurd and laughable.

We’re smart enough to know that 22-year-old rich kids don’t get rich by investing in mutual funds and saving money in their 401KS from their job at the cell phone store.

We know that people who get rich young belong to a unique subset of society: professional athletes, rappers, actors, artists, and famous people.

Those of us outside of this demographic are left with the traditional advice given to us by financial experts.

It’s called “Get Rich Slow” and it sounds like this: go to school, get good grades, graduate, get a good job, invest in the stock market, max out your 401K, cut up your credit cards and use coupons…then Someday when you’re, oh, 65, you’ll be rich.


If you want to get rich and “Get Rich Slow” is your strategy, I have bad news for you. It’s a losing game, with your time staked as a bet.

Do you really think the guy who lives in that palatial beach estate with the $500,000 supercar in the driveway got rich because he invested in mutual funds?

Or clipped coupons from the local Super-Saver? Of course, we don’t. So why do we credit this advice as a legitimate path to wealth and financial freedom?

Show me a 22-year-old who got rich investing in mutual funds. Show me the man who made millions in three years by maxing out his 401x.

Show me the young man in his twenties who got rich clipping coupons. Where are these people? They don’t exist. They are fairy tales of impossibility. Yet we continue to rely on the same old and tired gang of financial media darlings.

who defend these doctrines of wealth. Yes sir, get a job, work 50 years, save, live frugally without thinking, invest in the stock market, and soon, your day of freedom will reach 70 years… and if the stock market is kind and You’re lucky, 60!

Wow, doesn’t this “wealth in a wheelchair” financial plan sound exciting? In today’s tumultuous financial climate, it amazes me that people still believe these strategies work.

Wasn’t it the recession that exposed “Get Rich Slow” for the fraud that it is?

Oh I get it, if you have a 40 year job and avoid 40% market dips, Get Rich Slow works; Just sit back, work, and hope death doesn’t find you first because, wow, you’re going to be the richest man in the retirement home!

The message of “Get rich slowly” is clear: sacrifice your today, your dreams and your life for a plan that pays dividends after most of your life has evaporated.

Let me be blunt: If your road to wealth eats up your active adult life and isn’t guaranteed, that road sucks.

A codependent “road to riches” on Wall Street and anchored in time with your life on the line as the bet is a dirty, rotten alley.

Nonetheless, the default plan continues to wield power, recommended and enforced by a legion of “hypocritical financial experts who get rich not on their own advice, but on their own Millionaire Fastlane.”

The slow lane tipsters know something they’re not telling you: what they teach doesn’t work, but selling it does.

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