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Nidhi Company Business Plan

Nidhi’s: An Exclusive Loan Club

Funds operate like exclusive membership clubs, restricting transactions and loans only to dues-paying members. These mutual benefit societies collect funds from members’ contributions to finance operations and provide loans at reasonable rates. However, their limited membership limits deposit mobilization to a modest level compared to larger commercial banks.

As typical cooperatives, funds avoid much regulatory oversight. The RBI has powers to direct certain deposit-related functions but notified funds are largely exempted from standard protocols. This frees these societies to self-govern daily affairs while keeping in mind the interests of shareholder-members.

With privilege also comes responsibility. To preserve the member-centric mission certain activities remain off limits: no chit funds, securities underwriting, or insurance schemes are allowed. And while the fund may offer locker rentals for additional revenue, this business cannot dominate overall finances. Acquisitions also face hefty approval hurdles. Ultimately, the fund should stick to its exclusivity – lending to and borrowing from its specific membership circle alone.

In many ways, the funds resemble “friends and family” loan programs, secured by loyalty and accountability to fellow members. To access the reserved pool of both capital and governance influence one must gain admission to this exclusive club. So while commercial banks boast far larger deposits, they lack the intimate customer experience and preferential rates available in member-focused funds.


Let’s review the deposit details to maximize mutual rewards:

Borrow Big, Deposit Bigger

  • We lend up to 20x our net owned assets
  • So the more deposits, the more loans we can approve

Lock In Loyalty

  • Fixed deposits require 6-60 month commitments
  • Recurring deposits are 12-60 months
  • But early withdrawal is possible for extenuating circumstances

Ready Reserves

  • We keep 10% of deposits in liquid assets
  • Plus set aside recurring deposits funding mortgages
  • Ensures we can fund on-demand member needs

Interest Rate Insights

  • Our lending rates cap at 7.5% above deposit rates
  • So higher deposit rates let us approve more loans
  • We post all rates prominently for full transparency

Grow the Member Pot

  • With disciplined saving through Nidhi deposits
  • You directly expand the lending pool
  • And gain access to highly competitive loan rates

Unlock winning rates and lending power through an exclusive Nidhi membership! Member deposits fund member borrowing for mutual gain.

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Nidhi Company Business Plan PDF Free Download

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