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Queen Victoria to the King of the Belgians

WINDSOR CASTLE, 9th January 1844.

MY DEAREST UNCLE, I had the pleasure of receiving your kind letter of the 4th, which is written from Ardenne, where I grieve to see you are again gone without my beloved Louise.

Charlotte is the admiration of everyone, and I wish much I could have seen the three dear children en représentation.

Our fat Vic or Pussette learns a verse of Lamartine by heart, which ends with “le tableau se déroule à mes pieds”; to show how well she had understood this difficult line which Malle.

Charier had explained to her, I must tell you the following bon mot. When she was riding on her pony, and looking at the cows and sheep, she turned to Mdlle.

Charier and said: “Voilà le tableau qui se déroule à mes pieds.” Is not this extraordinary for a little child of three years old?

It is more like what a person of twenty would say. You have no notion what a knowing, and I am sorry to say sly, little rogue she is, and so obstinate.

She and le petit Frère accompany us to dear old Claremont today; Alice remains here under Lady Lyttle ton’s care.

How sorry I am that you should have hurt your leg, and in such a provoking way; Albert says he remembers well your playing often with a pen-knife when you talked, and I remember it also, but it is really dangerous.

I am happy that the news from Paris is good; the really good understanding between our two Governments provokes the Carlists and Anarchists.

Bordeaux is not yet gone; I saw in a letter that it was debated in his presence whether he was on any favorable occasion de se présenter en France!

1 The Due de Bordeaux, only son of the Duc de Berri, had by the death of Charles X. and the renunciation of all claims to the French Throne on the part of the Duc d’An goulême, become the representative of the elder branch of the Bourbons.

He had intended his visit to England to have a private character only.



Do you think that is possible? Then again the papers say that there are fortifications being made on the coast of Normandy for fear of an invasion; is this so?

These are many questions, but I hope you will kindly answer them, as they interest me. With Albert’s love. Believe me, ever, your devoted Niece, VICTORIA R.

Queen Victoria to the Earl of Aberdeen.

CLAREMONT, 10th January 1844.

The Queen understands that there is a negotiation with Sweden and Denmark pending about the cessation of their tribute to Morocco,

likewise, Prince Metternich has sent a despatch condemning as unfair the understanding come to between us and France about the Spanish marriage; that there is a notion of exchanging Hong Kong for a more healthy colony.

The Queen, taking a deep interest in all these matters, and feeling it her duty to do so, begs Lord Aberdeen to keep her always well informed of what is on the tapis in his Department.

Queen Victoria to the Earl of Aberdeen.

CLAREMONT, 131A January 1844.

The Queen has received Lord Aberdeen’s letter of the 10th and returns him the papers which he sent her, with her best thanks.

She does not remember having seen them before. The Queen takes this opportunity to beg Lord Aberdeen to cause the despatches to be sent a little sooner from the Foreign Office,

as drafts, in particular, have often come to the Queen a week or a fortnight after they had actually been sent across the sea.

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The Letters of Queen Victoria Book PDF Free Download

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