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The Indian War of Independence 1857 Book PDF Free Download

The Indian War of Independence 1857 By Vinayak Savarkar

An honest tale speeds best By being plainly told.”- Shakespeare

Apart from the splendid merits of the subject matter dealt with in the wallet pages of this history of “The Indian War of Independence of 1857,”

The story of the thrilling vicissitudes through which this book had to pass does by itself entitle it to be placed on the classical shelf in any world library.

The Object and the Name of the Book

Veer Savarkarji, the famous author of this book, die himself explain in an article in the “Talwar,” an organ of the Abhi Nava Bharat Revolutionary Society.

Which was started by him and published in Paris, that his object in writing this history was, subject to historical accuracy.

To inspire his people with a burning desire to rise again and wage a second and successful war to liberate their motherland.

He also expected that history should serve to place before the revolutionists an outline of a program of organization and action to enable them to prepare the nation for a future war of liberation.

It would never have been possible to reach such a revolutionary gospel publicly throughout India or carry conviction.

So effectively as an illuminating illustration of what had actually happened in the nearest past would do.

So he looked at the warrior’s al 1857 to deliver his message through their own mighty words and mightier dvdsVeer Savarkar always emphasized.

The necessity in the Indian condition of carrying politics and patriotism to the camp, to the military forces in India, for rendering any am ed revolt practical.

The history of the Revolutionary War of 1857 proved beyond cavil or criticism that only some fifty years previously our ancestors had aimed to achieve absolute political independence.

Could bring about the active and armed participation in the National struggle of the military forces, and could wage an inexorable war for the liberation of cur motherland.

AuthorVinayak Damodar Savarkar
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The Indian War of Independence 1857 Book PDF Free Download

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