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The Quilt And Other Stories

Saed on a divan covered with a white sheet, her hair whiter than the wings of a heron, grandma looked like an awkward mass of marble; it seemed as though there was not a single drop of blood in her body.

White had crept up to the edges of her grey eyes which, lustreless, reminded one of the casements that were barred, of windows hiding fearfully behind thick curtains.

Her presence, shrouded in what could be likened to a stationary cloud of finely-ground silver, was dazzling, and a snowy-white, blinding radiance seemed to emanate from her person.

Her face shone with the glow of purity and chastity. This eighty-year-old virgin had never known the touch of a man’s hand.

She was like a bouquet of flowers at thirteen with hair that fell below her waist and a complexion that shimmered with youthful silkiness and translucence.

But her youth had been ravaged by time: only the softness now remained.

Her beauty was of such renown in those days that her parents, afraid she might be whisked away by jinns, couldn’t sleep at night. Indeed, she didn’t appear to be of this world.

At fourteen she became engaged to my mother’s uncle.

He was as dark as she was fair, although otherwise, he was exceedingly well-proportioned and manly in appearance.

What a sharply delineated nose he had, just like the blade of a sword, hooded eyes that were ever watchful, his teeth a string of pearls.

But he was unusually sensitive about his inky complexion. During the engagement celebrations, everyone began teasing him.

“Dear, oh dear, the bride will be tarnished by the groom’s touch!” “It will be like an eclipse of the moon.”

Kale Mian was a stubborn, immature, seventeen-year-old at the time.

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A Chughtal Collection Book PDF Free Download

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