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The Indian Struggle

In considering the political conquest of India by such a small country as England the first point that strikes one is as to how such a feat could be at all possible.

But if one knew the Indian temperament and Indian traditions, it would not be difficult to understand. The Indian people had never any feelings against the foreigner.

This mentality had been developed partly through the philosophical outlook of the people as a whole and party through the largeness of the country.

Which made it possible to welcome as many people as could come to the country. In the past, India had been invaded by new tribes and peoples over and over again.

Bat-time came as foreigners they soon settled down and created Radio their home. The feeling of strangeness disappeared and the foreigners became a part of the body-site.

On the whole, there was no inter-communal friction for any length of time after the thus it was that when the European races Portuguese, Dutch, French, and English-first arrived in India.

They did not excite any suspicion or hostility or animosity. It was not a new phenomenon in the history of India-at least so the people thought.

The fact that the majority of the foreigners were either peaceful missionaries or traders further served to disarm opposition.

They were given facilities and even allowed to acquire territory for carrying on their peaceful avocation. Even when the foreigners took part in any political strife.

They were always careful to side with a section of the people so that they would never get the entire people against them.

In this respect, the diplomacy of the British was by far the best. The question crops up here as to why a section of the Indian people sought the help of the foreigners in their own internal disputes.

Besides their diplomacy, there was one other factor that accounted for the success of the Europeans. That was their superior military skill.

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