The Crisis of The Modern World By Rene Guenon PDF

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The Crisis of The Modern World Book PDF Free Download

The Crisis Of The Modern World Book PDF Free Download

The Crisis of The Modern World

THE Hindu doctrine teaches that a human cycle, to which it gives the name of Manvantara, is divided into four periods marking so many stages.

Which the primordial spirituality becomes gradually more and more obscured these are the same periods that the ancient traditions of the West called the Golden, Silver, Bronze, and Iron Ages.

We are now in the fourth age, the Kalt-Yuga or “dark age,” and have been so already, it is said, for more than six thousand years, that is to say since an epoch far earlier than any known to “classical” history.

Since that time, the truths which were formerly within reach of all men have become more and more hidden and inaccessible.

Those who possess them to grow gradually less and fewer numerous, and although the treasure of “non-human ** wisdom that was before the ages can never be lost, it becomes enveloped in ever more impenetrable veils.

Which hide it from men’s sight and make it extremely difficult to discover. This is why we meet everywhere, under various symbols, with the same theme of something.

Which has been lost, at least to all appearances and so far as the outer world is concerned, and which those who aspire to true knowledge must find again.

But it is also stated that what is thus hidden will become visible once more at the end of the cycle, which, because of the continuity that binds all things together, will at the same time be the beginning of a new cycle.

It will doubtless be asked why cyclic development must proceed in this manner, in a downward direction, from higher to lower, a course.

Which will at once be perceived to be a complete negation of the idea of progress as the moderns understand it.

AuthorRene Guenon
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The Crisis Of The Modern World Book PDF Free Download

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