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The Girl Next Door Book PDF Free Download

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You think you know about pain?

Talk to my second wife. She does. Or she thinks she does.

She says that once when she was nineteen or twenty she got between a couple of cats fighting-her own cat and a neighbor’s-and one of them went at her,

climbed her like a tree, tore gashes out of her thighs and breasts and belly that you still can see today,

scared her so badly she fell back against her mother’s turn-of-the-century Hoosier,

breaking her best ceramic pie plate and scraping six inches of skin off her ribs while the cat made its way back down her again, all tooth and claw and spitting fury.

Thirty-six stitches I think she said she got. And a fever that lasted days. My second wife says that’s pain. She doesn’t know shit, that woman.

Evelyn, my first wife, has maybe gotten closer There’s an image that haunts her.

She is driving down a rain-slick highway on a hot summer morning in a rented Volvo, her lover by her side,

driving slowly and carefully because she knows how treacherous new rain on hot streets can be, when a Volkswagen passes her and fishtails into her lane.

Its rear bumper with the “Live Free or Die” plates slides over and kisses her grille. Almost gently. The rain does the rest.

The Volvo reels, swerves, glides over an embankment and suddenly she and her lover are tumbling through space,

they are weightless and turning, and up is down and then up and then down again. At some point the steering wheel breaks her shoulder. The rearview mirror cracks her wrist.

Then the rolling stops and she’s staring up at the gas pedal overhead She looks for her lover but he isn’t there anymore; he’s disappeared, it’s magic.

She finds the door on the driver’s side and opens it, crawls out onto wet grass, stands and peers through the rain.

And this is the image that haunts her-a man like a sack of blood, flayed, skinned alive, lying in front of the car in a spray of glass spackled red. This sack is her lover.

AuthorJack Ketchum
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The Girl Next Door Book PDF Free Download

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