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The caterpillars of many butterflies attach themselves by a button of silk to the undersurface of a branch or stone, or another projecting surface,

and are transformed into chrysalids, which are naked, and hang perpendicularly from the surface to which they are attached.

Other caterpillars attach themselves to surfaces by means of a button of silk that holds the anal extremity of the chrysalis, and have, in addition,

a girdle of silk that passes around the middle of the chrysalis, holding it in place very much as a papoose is held on the back of an Indian squaw by a strap passed over her shoulders.

The Form of Chrysalids. The forms assumed by the insect in this stage of its being vary greatly, though there is a general resemblance among the different families and subfamilies,

so that it is easy for one who has studied the matter to tell approximately to what family the form belongs to, even when it is not specifically known.

Chrysalids are in most cases obscure in coloring, though a few are quite brilliant, and, as in the case of the common milkweed butterfly (Anosia plexippus), ornamented with golden-hued spots.

The chrysalids of the Nymphalidae, one of the largest groups of butterflies, are all suspended. The chrysalids of the Papilionida, or swallowtail butterflies,

are held in place by girdles, generally are bifurcate or cleft at the upper end (Fig. 25), and are greenish or wood-brown in color.

A study of the structure of all chrysalids shows that within them there is contained the immature butterfly.

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The Butterfly Book PDF Free Download

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