Plant Breeding Principles And Methods PDF By BD Singh

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Plant Breeding Principles And Methods Book PDF Free Download

Plant Breeding Principles And Methods Book PDF Free Download

Plant Breeding Principles And Methods

The present textbook has been prepared for B.Sc. (Ag.) students of Indian universities.

An attempt has been made to present the principles and methods of plant breeding in a simple language and to use suitable examples from the Indian context.

Tables and charts have been used, where necessary, to make the text clearer, and it is hoped that this would be of some help to the students.

There is a certain amount of repetition throughout the book, which is intentional in the hope that this would act as a reinforcement for the memory.

A text book has to oscillate between two opposite and demad ing necessities.

The first necessity is to keep the text easily under standable, which necessitates the use of a simple language and parti cularly, elaborate exposition.

The second necessity relates to providing as much updated information as possible within the limitations of the space in the text;

This makes it essential to be concise and to use technical language that is relatively more difficult to comprehend for a beginner.

Introduction to Plant Breeding

History of plant breeding, Nature of plant breeding, What should a plant breeder know ?, Objectives of plant breeding, Activities in plant breeding, Some important achievements, Future prospects, Summary.

Domestication, Plant Introduction and Acclimatization

Domestication, Patterns of evolution in crop plants, Centres of origin, Plant introduction, History of plant introduction, Plant introduction agencies in India,

The procedure of plant introduction, Germplasm collections. Exploration, Purpose of plant introduction,

Some important achievements of plant introduction, Merits of plant introduction, Demerits of plant introduction, Summary.

Modes of Reproduction and Pollination Control

Modes of reproduction, Asexual reproduction, Sexual reproduction, Anthesis, Modes of pollination Self-pollination Cross-pollination.

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Plant Breeding Principles And Methods Book PDF Free Download

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