Testament Of Youth By Vera Brittain PDF

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Testament Of Youth Book PDF Free Download

Testament Of Youth Book PDF Free Download

Testament Of Youth

WHEN THE Great War broke out, it came to me not as a superlative tragedy, but as an interruption of the most exasperating kind to my personal plans.

To explain the reason for this egotistical view of history’s greatest disaster, it is necessary to go back a little to go back, though only for a moment.

As far as the decadent ‘nineties, in which I opened my eyes upon the none-too promising day.

I have, indeed, the honor of sharing with Robert Graves the subject of my earliest recollection, which is that of watching, as a tiny child.

The flags flying in the streets of Macclesfield for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Fortunately, there is no need to emulate.

My content poetry’s Good-bye to All That is traveling still further back into the ponderous Victorianism of the nineteenth century.

Fors could have been less conspicuous or more robustly “low-brow” than mine. Although I was born in the “Mauve Decade,” the heyday of the Yellow Book and the Green Carnation.

I would confidently bet that none of my relatives had ever heard of Max Beerbohm or Aubrey Beardsley and if indeed the name of Oscar Wilde awakened any response in their minds.

It was not admiration of his works, but disapproval of his morals.

My father’s family came from Staffordshire; the first place-names bound up with my childhood memories are those of the “Five Towns”.

And their surrounding villages Stoke, Hanley, Burslem, Newcastle, Longport, Trentham, Barlaston and Stone and I still remember seeing, at a very early age.

Alarming glimpses through a train window of the pot-bank furnaces flaming angrily against a black winter sky. At an old house in Barlaston-then, as now.

Associated with the large and dominant Wedgwood family-my father and most of his eleven brothers and sisters were born.

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Testament Of Youth Book PDF Free Download

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