Sexual Behavior In The Human Male By Alfred C Kinsey PDF

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Sexual Behavior In The Human Male Book PDF Free Download

Sexual Behavior In The Human Male Book PDF Free Download

Sexual Behavior In The Human Male

The present volume is a progress report from a case history study on human sexual behavior. The study has been underway for the past nine years.

Throughout these years, it has had the sponsorship and support of Indiana University, and during the past six years the support of the National Research Councils.

Committee for Research on Problems of Sex, with funds granted by the Medical Division of The Rockefeller Foundation.

It is a fact-finding survey in which an attempt is being made to discover what people do sexually, and what factors account for differences in sexual behavior among individuals, and among various segments of the population.

For some time now there has been an increasing awareness among many people of the desirability of obtaining data about sex.

Which would represent an accumulation of scientific felt completely divorced from questions of moral value and social custom.

Practicing physicians find thousands of their patients in need of such objective data.

Psychiatrists and analysts find that a majority of their patients need help in resolving sexual conflicts that have arisen in their lives.

An increasing number of persons would like to bring an educated intelligence into the consideration of such matters as sexual adjustments in marriage.

The sexual guidance of children, the pre-marital sexual adjustments of youth, sex education, sexual activities are in conflict with the mores.

And problems confronting persons who are interested in the social control of behavior through religion, custom, and the forces of the law.

Before it is possible to think scientifically on any of these matters, more needs to be known about the actual behavior of people.

And about the inter-relationships of that behavior with the biological and social aspects of their histories.

In our Western European-American culture, sexual responses, more than any other physiologic activities, have been subject to religious evaluation.

AuthorAlfred C Kinsey
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Sexual Behavior In The Human Male Book PDF Free Download

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