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Tense Chart with Rules and Examples Book PDF Free Download


Tense Chart with Rules and Examples Book PDF

ensesTenses Rule
Past simple tenseSubject + V2 + Object
Past Perfect tenseSubject + had + V3 + Object
Past Continuous tenseSubject + was + V1 + ing + Object (Singular)
Subject + were + V1 + ing + Object (Plural)
Past perfect continuous tenseSubject + had been + V1 + ing + Object
Present Simple tenseSubject + V1 + s/es + Object (Singular) Subject + V1 + Object (Plural)
Present Perfect tenseSubject + has + V3 + Object (Singular) Subject + have + V3 + Object (Plural)
Present Continuous tenseSubject + is/am/are + V1 + ing + object
Present perfect continuous tenseSubject + has been + V1 + ing + Object (Singular)Subject + have been + V1 + ing + Object (Plural)
Future Simple tenseSubject + will/shall + V1 + Object
Future Perfect tenseSubject + will have/shall have + V3 + Object
Future Continuous tenseSubject + will be/shall be + ing + V1 + Object
Future Perfect Continuous tenseSubject + will have been + V1 + ing + Object
Past simple tensePast EventsShe cooked dinner for everyone last month
Past Perfect tensePrior events happened before past eventsShe cooked dinner for everyone last night before shifted to Mumbai
Past Continuous tensePast Events related to the occurrence of other eventsShe was cooking dinner for everyone when she ran out of gas.
Past perfect continuous tensePast events relating to a past momentShe was cooking for dinner & needed some rest.
Present Simple tenseFacts & truthsShe hosts dinner for everyone a lot.
Present Perfect tenseEvents of past & continuing or expected to continue in present.She has hosted a lot of times & left with one more dinner
Present Continuous tenseCurrent ActionsShe is cooking dinner for everyone
Present perfect continuous tensePast events, continued & finished in the current momentShe cooked dinner for everyone & now needs some rest.
Future Simple tenseEvents completed in futureShe will cook dinner for everyone next month.
Future Perfect tenseCurrent events completed in the given time frame in futureShe will be cooking dinner for everyone by 8:00 PM next Saturday
Future Continuous tenseFuture events & expected to continueShe will be hosting a lot of dinner parties next year.
Future Perfect Continuous tenseTasks continue in the future & highlighting the durationThe dinner she will be cooking will take 3 hours to finish.
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Tense Chart with Rules and Examples PDF Free Download

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