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Tally ERP 9 Book

Tally Solutions has released a new version of its Tally 9 software. It is the most popular software for accounts and inventory management.

It offers different features for maintaining accounts.

Tally 9 is integrated with a lot of advanced features like better data migrating, fast data speed, payroll management, TDS, TCS, job costing and point- of sale invoicing etc.

Tally 9, a synchronized multilingual integrated business accounting software, enables one to maintain accounts in any Indian language, view them in another and print them in yet another language of their choice.

Targeted at SMBs, Tally 9 offers greater reliability, scalability, accuracy and speed.

It supports Unicode data which helps companies maintain data in any of the Unicode supported languages.

Tally 9 program also has features including tax compliance features for value-added tax (VAT), service tax and excise for traders.


Easy calculation of TDS (Tax Deducted at Source)

Using Tally 9 you can calculate TDS appropriately.

Negative Stock Warning in Journal Voucher

Create a stock item with an opening balance of considerable units and pass a delivery note against it.

using a Journal Voucher to record a sales transaction tracking the delivery note would display a warning message of negative stock even though a considerable amount of stock was left over.

The same has been addressed appropriately in the Journal voucher.

Performance in Networking Environment

Tally 9 can work efficiently in a networking environment if the Server has Windows XP and the Clients have Windows 98 as the operating system, Tally performs efficiently with improved data stability.

Interest calculation in Forex

the Outstanding Forex Interest accurately.

Ledger Account

Tally now prints the address of the Sundry Debtor/ Creditor ledgers, while printing a ledger account.

Ratio Analysis

If the Net Profit is lesser than the Return on Investment% or Return on Working Capital, Tally displays the values with a negative sign.

Maintain balances bill by bill

Altering a ledger created under Sundry Debtors or Sundry Creditors, by setting Maintain balances bill to Yes affects only the selected ledger and not the Group.

Migration Tool

Users may now migrate data to Tally 9, using the Tally Data Migration Tool on Tablet PCs and Desktop computers of higher processor speed.

Stock Journal

The value in the rate field of a Stock Journal (Transfer of Materials) appears appropriately.

Purchase/Sales Order

The list of Party or Customer ledgers is displayed appropriately while creating a Purchase/ Sales order respectively.

Inventory Report

The Godown–wise Inventory reports mow displays accurate balance values whereas multiple Godowns are maintained.

VAT (Value Added Tax)

You can calculate value-added tax in tally 9.


The data path where you want the company to be created is specified in the

Directory field.

This field is skipped by default when you create the company in the data path given in the Tally.INI file.

If you want to change it, use the backspace key and modify it to th path requires.

This is referred to as the Tally Anywhere concept – which is the ability to create/load companies in separate directories.

The Directory field is displayed while selecting Select, Create, Backup, Restore and Rewrite options for a company.

By default, the cursor will skip the field, presuming that you wish to use the default data directory for your work.

You may press Backspace to give a new path and work from there.

For example, the default Tally data directory could be C:/TALLY/DATA. You may now wish to create a new company on C:/TALLY/PERSONAL, and some other companies on C:/TALLY/BRANCHES.

The next time, the default directory displays C:/TALLY/DATA, and if you wish to work on the date of your branches, press Backspace and enter C:/TALLY/BRANCHES for the directory name.

This displays the companies whose data is stored in that location in the List of Companies. You can even give the path of a network server or any other storage device.


Enter the name of the company whose books are being opened.

If you are a professional accountant and are maintaining the books of your clients, give the Client Company’s name.

Mailing Name and Address

In addition to the Company Name, Tally provides the facility to enter the Mailing Name field.

It displays the Company Name by default.

You may change it as required, if the mailing name is different from the Company Name, the mailing name and address details are picked up for inclusion in any report that needs the company name and address as a heading.

For example Balance Sheets, Statements of Accounts, and so on.

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Latest Tally ERP 9 Book  PDF Free Download

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