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A Tagalog English And English Tagalog Dictionary By Charles Nigg Book PDF Free Download

Nigg Tagalog-English Dictionary Errata

In a pioneer work of this character, it could hardly be hoped that where there are so many opportunities some errors would not creep in,

but these for the most part are trivial and of the sort to be expected until Manila typesetters become more accustomed to English orthography and American ideas of exactness.

It is suggested that teachers would do well to make these corrections in ink in the appropriate places and that as most of the changes only involve a letter or two the task would not be difficult.

The word as it now appears is given first in this list, after the page number, and Tagalog, followed by the corrected form.

7 aba po-Virgen-Virgin,-alaala momento-memento.-alalayan-assert-assist.

8 andukha-hel paid help, aid apo-despondent descendent.- Asian-pickle-pickle.-ayunan any IBA-subscribe subscribe.10 babala sa madala-programe-program.-

bagay-desig-design.- bagay-usefur useful.-bagsik strictness-strictness;-harshness. Vahid sings sign. baitang-ledder-ladder. Bala theart-threat.

bihis-clotaes clothes-bilas-marrp-marry.-bilog-spahere sphere. binti-shang shank- binyagan-Chriatian-Christian, biroan-caroucol-carousal.

biruin 6oke joke. binubukulan origen origin. bisa positivility-possibility. bilog rotunditp-rotundity.

15 bugtong puzjle puzzle.-buhatan impaech-impeach-buhay livoly lively. bu having-resuscitate resuscitate.

big-bunch-bunch;- range-raceme.buccal origen origin; source course; first first.-bukod sa iba-feroign-foreign-luk san-rhow show bulaw-wilb-wild.

-bulukan rotiing-rotting, bumabasa beader-reader bumbuan grown-crown.-bumukal sprink spring. bumukod-separste separate.

17 button-perfect on perfection; but frain grain. building pestle pustule -cable Riza-stable stable. Santa chorus, daan-occasion-occasion.

18 da Hasan-fierce for; strengthen-strengthen, dating murmur-murmur; supplication.

Dakhla-illustration illustrations; majestic majestic; magnificent magnificent; potent potent; -wealty -wealthy; transcendent transcendent dakip cappure capture dali instunt-instant.

dalidalian pispose dispose.-da litaan- suffe suffer. dulitain-compoort comport; condesend-condescend.-da losdalos idrot-idiot.

19 damihan-ongment augment.-dapat igalang hanorable-honorable. dapat ipagta gubilin-laudahle-landable. dapat magalingin nepectable respectable.

dapat parusahan-puishable punishable. diccionario-dietionary dictionary di hikayat incorruptable-incorruptible.

-di ka rampatan-imprope-improper dikdikin-crash-crushdilag grar duer-grandeur brillancy-brilliancy.-di mababago-stapla-staple; anchangable unchangeable.

di mahigpit-unstaple urstable.–di makararaan-impassible-impassable, di malapatan unlie-unlike; unequa unequal.-di malirip inscrutable inscrutable.

di marunong mag veracios veracious.-di matarok-unfathonable unfathoma able, di nasasalang numingled-unmingled.

dios ng alak Bachus Bacchus, di pagka-palagay inconstanty inconstancy, di sapat nadequaty- inadequacy. dispunte -back-stich backstitch-dowaliagi persuit–pursnit, downhaginin persue pursue.

duende-fray-fay. dulo-sumic summ t dumal abhorence-abliorrence. dumalas frequant frequent. dum hau polute pollute. dunong, sience-science.

durog- ushed crushed. durugin-crash-crush.-dusta object abject gagarin mark out feout. galing-behefit benefit; sntility-utility-galit-angray-angry-firetful-fretful.-galit

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Language Spanish
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A Tagalog English And English Tagalog Dictionary Book PDF Free Download

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