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Surah Fajr

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

  1. Wal-Fajr
  2. Wa layaalin ‘ashr
  3. Wash shaf’i wal watr
  4. Wallaili izaa yasr
  5. Hal fee zaalika qasamul lizee hijr
  6. Alam tara kaifa fa’ala rabbuka bi’aad
  7. Iramaa zaatil ‘imaad
  8. Allatee lam yukhlaq misluhaa fil bilaad
  9. Wa samoodal lazeena jaabus sakhra bil waad
  10. Wa fir’awna zil awtaad
  11. Allazeena taghaw fil bilaad
  12. Fa aksaroo feehal fasaad
  13. Fasabba ‘alaihim Rabbuka sawta ‘azaab
  14. Inna Rabbaka labil mirsaad
  15. Fa ammal insaanu izaa mab talaahu Rabbuhoo fa akramahoo wa na’ ‘amahoo fa yaqoolu Rabbeee akraman
  16. Wa ammaaa izaa mabtalaahu faqadara ‘alaihi rizqahoo fa yaqoolu Rabbeee ahaanan
  17. Kalla bal laa tukrimooo nal yateem
  18. Wa laa tahaaaddoona ‘alaata’aamil miskeen
  19. Wa taakuloonat turaasa aklal lammaa
  20. Wa tuhibboonal maala hubban jammaa
  21. Kallaaa izaaa dukkatil ardu dakkan dakka
  22. Wa jaaa’a Rabbuka wal malaku saffan saffaa
  23. Wa jeee’a yawma’izim bi jahannnam; Yawma ‘iziny yatazakkarul insaanu wa annaa lahuz zikraa
  24. Yaqoolu yaa laitanee qaddamtu lihayaatee
  25. Fa Yawma izil laa yu’azzibu ‘azaabahooo ahad
  26. Wa laa yoosiqu wasaaqa hooo ahad
  27. Yaaa ayyatuhan nafsul mutma ‘innah
  28. Irji’eee ilaa Rabbiki raadiyatam mardiyyah
  29. Fadkhulee fee ‘ibaadee
  30. Wadkhulee jannatee


With the name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Very-Merciful.

  1. I swear by the dawn,
  2. and by Ten Nights,
  3. And by the even and the odd,
  4. and by the night when it moves away,
  5. __Is there (not) in such an oath (enough assurance) for a man of sense?__
  6. Have you not seen how your Lord dealt with (the people) of ‘Aad
  7. of Iram, the men of tall pillars,
  8. the like of whom were never created in the lands,
  9. and (how He dealt) with (the people of) Thamud who had carved out the rocks in the Valley (of Qura),
  10. and with Fir’awn (Pharaoh), the man of the stakes,
  11. __ those who had rebelled in the cities,
  12. and spread a lot of mischief therein.
  13. So, your Lord let loose on them the whip of torment.
  14. Surely your Lord is ever on the watch.
  15. As for man, when his Lord tests him, and thus gives him honor and bounties, he says, My Lord has honored me.
  16. But when he tests him, and thus straitens his provision for him, he says, My Lord has disgraced me.
  17. No! But you do not honor the orphan
  18. and do not encourage one another to feed the needy.
  19. And you devour the inheritance with a sweeping gulp
  20. and love wealth, an excessive love.
  21. No! When the earth will be crushed thoroughly to be turned into bits,
  22. and your Lord will come, and the angels as well lined up in rows,
  23. and Jahannam (Hell), on that day, will be brought forward, it will be the day when man will realize the truth, but from where will he take advantage of such realization?
  24. He will say, :O Would that I had sent ahead (some good deeds) for (this) my life!
  25. So no one can punish like He will punish, that day,
  26. nor can anyone shackle like He will shackle.
  27. (As for an obedient man, it will be said to him,) :O Content soul,
  28. come back to your Lord, well-pleased, well-pleasing.
  29. So, enter among My (special) servants,
  30. and enter My Paradise.
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Surah Fajr PDF Free Download

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