Foundation Course Of Self Study Skills PDF

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Foundation Course Of Self Study Skills PDF Free Download

Foundation Course Of Self Study Skills

… Universities are often regarded as delivering adult-style learning in which the student takes responsibility for their own motivation and is self-directed.

However, Bedford and Wilson (2006) warn that it can be easy for the child-parent form of relating to inhibiting adult learning if the university culture reinforces this student role by having strict parental-style rules and structures.

Arguably, nurse education and training can impose institutional parenting through attendance requirements, assignment deadlines, and the provision of personal tutors, student counseling, and learning support. …

01 Doctor & Society-1 2
02 Doctor & Society-2 1
03 History of Medicine-1 2
04 Evolution of Medical Knowledge Systems 1
05 History of Medicine-2

06 The Disciplines and perspectives their orientation the academic ambience
07 Medical Ethics, Attitudes & professionalism-1 2
08 The Medical Vocabulary 1
09 Medicine and Environment 1
10 National Health Programs & Policies 2
11 Health care Systems and it’s delivery-1 1
12 Principles of Primary Care-General 1
13 Alternative Health Systems in India 2
14 Principles of Primary Care-Community Based 1
15 Health care Systems and it’s delivery-2 1
16 Universal Precautions and Vaccinations 2
17 Patient safety and Biohazard safety 1
18 The MBBS Training Program- CBME 1
19 Basics of Medical Research Methodology 1
20A Medical Ethics, Attitudes & professionalism-2 1
20B Medicine, Law, Human Rights & Medicine in India 2
21 National & International Health Organizations

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Foundation Course Of Self Study Skills PDF Free Download

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