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SSLC Focus Area 2023 English Medium PDF – Highlights

The Director of General Education has set up a focus area for the students of SSLC, Higher Secondary, and Vocational Higher Secondary, of the academic year 2022-23. The majority of questions in the public exam question papers in 2023 will be based on the Focus area. The focus area would enable the students to get through the exam easily in this hazardous academic year due to Corona’s Pandemic disease. 

Learning and Teaching of English Language is one of the main priorities of the special school curriculum, modified and adapted in tune with the curriculum for general schools.

The Curriculum, Syllabus, Textbook, and Handbook developed for Standard X in the general schools are followed as such in special schools with certain modifications in a few activities, content, and evaluation considering the language barriers and special needs of the Hearing Impaired children.

The prescribed textbook demands higher-level language proficiency, imagination, and creative thinking which makes the classroom transaction in special schools comparatively difficult. To overcome this shortcoming the following modifications are made in the prescribed syllabus.

SCERT Kerala SSLC Syllabus 2023Kerala SSLC Syllabus 2023
Name of the Education BoardKerala Pareeksha Bhavan
Parent organizationCommissioner Of Government Examinations, Pareeksha Bhavan
Type of EducationKerala Governmental Board of Education
StandardSecondary School Leaving Certificate (commonly referred to as SSLC)
Name of the CourseMalayalam, English, Hindi, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Geography, Social Science, Arabic, Urdu, Sanskrit, Kannada, Tamil etc,
Syllabus DownloadKerala SSLC Syllabus 2023 All Subject Pdf Format Download

SOCIAL SCIENCE 1 Focus Areas for SSLC Exam 2023

English Medium

Unit NoName of UnitFocus Zones
1  Revolutions that   Influenced the World• The American War of Independence\
• The French Revolution
• The Russian Revolution
2  World in the twentieth   Century• Causes of The First World War
• Mussolini and Fascism
• Hitler and Nazism
• Non-Aligned Movement: An Alternative to Bipolar Blocs
3  Public Administration• Public Administration
• Importance of Public Administration
• Features of Bureaucracy
• Indian Civil Service
4  British exploitation and   Resistance• Impact of the British policies
•  Kurichya Revolt
• First War of Indian Independence, 1857
5  Culture and Nationalism• Education for the Nation
• Nationalism in Art
6  Struggle and Freedom• Early Struggles of Mahatma Gandhi
• Non-cooperation and the Khilafat Movements
• Poorna Swaraj and Civil Disobedience
• The British Quit India
7  India after Independence• Integration of Princely States
• Space Research in India
• Foreign Policy
•  Panchsheel Principles
8  Kerala towards Modernity• Early Resistances against the British -Pazhassi Revolts
• Reform Movements and Social Changes
• National Movement and Women
9  The State and political science• Functions of a State
• Theories on the Origin of State
• Citizenship
10  Civic Consciousness• How can we foster civic consciousness Through Family, Education, Associations & Media
• Civic Consciousness: Challenges
11  Sociology: What? Why?• The early social science thinkers
• Methods of study in sociology – Social survey, Interview, Observation & Case study

PHYSICS Focus Areas for SSLC Exam 2023

English Medium

1Effect of electric current • Energy change in electrical instruments,
• Heating effect of electric current, Joule’s Law,
• Mathematical problems,
• Electric power,
• Related mathematical problems,
• Electric heating instruments
• Peculiarities of substances used as a heating coil
• Short circuit
• Overloading, Working of Safety fuse
 Peculiarities of substances used as fuse wire
• Arrangement of resistances – Parallel and series combination, Related problems
2Magnetic effect of electric current• Magnetic field around a current-carrying conductor
• Right-hand thumb rule
• Magnetic field around a Solenoid
• Magnetic polarity
• Factors affecting the Magnetic field
• Motor principle
• DC motor
• Moving coil loudspeaker- Structure and working.
3Electromagnetic induction
• Electromagnetic induction
• Factors affecting induced emf
• Current from AC generator, DC generator, and cell- Characteristics and graphical representation
• AC and DC generator-Structure and working
• Mutual induction
• Transformers- Structure
• Moving coil microphone
• Power transmission in high voltage
• Electric shock-first aid.
4.Reflection of light• Reflection
• laws of reflection
• Characters of the image formed in the concave mirror and convex mirror
• Mirror equation, magnification and related problems
• New cartesian sign convention
5Refraction of light• Refraction, Relation between optical density and speed of light
• Refraction in a different medium (figure)
• Critical angle
•Total internal reflection
• Lens technical terms – complete
• Image formation, ray diagrams, characters of image
• Power of lens
6Vision and the world of colours• Short-sightedness
• Long-sightedness – Reasons and Remedies
• Dispersion
• Rainbow, Scattering of light, the relation between wavelength of colours and scattering
• Reason for red Colour of the rising and the setting sun
7Energy sources• Incomplete and complete combustion
• Fossil fuels-coal, CNG, LNG, LPG.
• LPG and safety,
•Green energy, brown energy, Energy crisis- reasons and solutions
Language English
No. of Pages12
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SSLC/Plus Two/Plus One SCERT Focus Area 2023 Topics Book PDF Free Download

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