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SPC Questions And Answers

Q1. Can you tell me what SPC stands for?

Answer: Student Police Cadet

Q2. In what year did Kerala officially launch the SPC scheme?

Answer: August 2, 2010

Q3. When is SPC day commemorated?

Answer: August 2

Q4. What is the color of the SPC flag?

Answer: Blue

Q5. What does the SPC flag symbolize?

Answer: National integrity based on discipline and creativity

Q6. When was the SPC scheme introduced in schools?

Answer: August 27, 2010

Q7. What is the SPC cadet’s day?

Answer: August 27

Q8. Who holds the position of Chairman in the School Level Advisory Committee of SPC?

Answer: Headmaster/Headmistress

Q9. Could you tell me the official webpage for the Student Police Cadet Scheme?

Answer: www.studentpolicecadet.org

Q10. What is the title of the series presented in the SPC Virtual Class concerning Astronomy?

Answer: The universe at a distance

Q11. What is the helpline number for Chiri, a project by SPC?

Answer: 9497900200

Q12. In the SPC Virtual Class, whose life is the topic ‘Citizenship and Social Responsibility’ based on?

Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

Q13. Could you name the comedy series that airs every Sunday to uplift the spirits of SPC children?

Answer: Laugh or laugh

Q14. What is the title given to the police officers assigned at the school level under the SPC scheme?

Answer: DI (Drill Instructor)

Q15. Who is the Patron of the SPC District Level Advisory Committee?

Answer: District Collector

Q16. Who is the author of the SPC Hymn?

Answer: K Jayakumar IAS

Q17. Which state assisted in the initiation of the SPC project in Kerala’s schools?

Answer: Rajasthan

Q18. What is the National Anthem of SPC?

Answer: The song starts with Panth ayein hain, Hayi hasin udaan

Q19. Who is the vocalist for the National Anthem of SPC?

Answer: Shaan (Bollywood Singer)

Q20. What title is given to teachers in charge of the SPC scheme?

Answer: CPO

Q21. What is the name of SPC’s value-based curriculum?

Answer: Visual lesson

Q22. Who is credited as the founder of the SPC in Kerala?

Answer: P Vijayan IPS

Q23. When and where was the resolution of the SPC project implemented?

Answer: 2011 at the 41st All India Police Science Congress held at Dehradun

Q24. What does the acronym SPC signify?

Answer: We Learn to Serve

Q25. Which school in Kerala serves as the central location for the SPC project in the state?

Answer: Chala Government Girls High School (Thiruvananthapuram)

Q26. Who serves as the top executive officer in the SPC scheme?

Answer: State Nodal Officer

Q27. Which Indian Prime Minister praised the SPC project?

Answer: Dr. Manmohan Singh

Q28. Besides the Education Department, which primary department is leading the SPC project?

Answer: Department of Home Affairs

Q29. Who holds the role of Police Student Liaison Officer in schools where SPC is implemented?

Answer: Local Police Inspector within the School Precinct

Q30. What kind of cap do cadets wear with their uniform in the SPC scheme?

Answer: Beret cap

Q31. Where is the Directorate of Student Police Cadet located in terms of district?

Answer: Thiruvananthapuram

Q32. What symbol is used for identification in SPC?

Answer: Police uniform

Q33. Who serves as the chairman of the SPC project at the school level?

Answer: Headmaster

Q34. In the SPC parade quick march, how far apart should the cadets’ feet be?

Answer: 24 inches

Q35. What is the name of the Visual Curriculum launched by the SPC project?

Answer: Visual lesson

Q36. Which company is the SPC collaborating with for an energy conservation project?

Answer: Bharat Petroleum Corporation

Q37. What rank does the district-level nodal officer in the SPC hold?

Answer: DYSP

Q38. Where are the headquarters of SPC in Kerala located?

Answer: Thiruvananthapuram

Q39. In which direction should SPC cadets face when breaking off?

Answer: Right (to the right)

Q40. What is the symbol of good luck in the Shubhayatra scheme in Kerala Police?

Answer: Pappu (Zebra)

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SPC Questions And Answers PDF Free Download

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