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A Hero Question And Answer

Four alternatives are given. Choose the best alternative:

  1. The boy who fought the tiger stayed on the tree for half – a – day – because he
    a. wanted to watch the tiger from the tree top b. wanted to rest for some time
    c. was waiting for help d. did not like the tiger
    Ans.: was waiting for help
  2. Swami’s father asked him to sleep alone in the office room as he
    a. wanted him to catch the burglar b. wanted him to prove that he had courage
    c. wanted him to look after the office d. wanted him to prove that he had strength
    Ans.: b. wanted him to prove that he had the courage
  3. A burglar is a person who
    a. enters a house to steal b. kills a tiger
    c. writes for a newspaper d. bites other people
    Ans.: enters a house to steal
  4. Swami decided to sleep under the bench because
    a. he felt it was a safe place b. it was near the door
    c. it was not dusty d. it was made of wood
    and. : he felt it was a safe place
  5. For Swami events took an unexpected turn because
    a. his father was angry with him b. his father read a newspaper report
    c. his homework was not done d. his exams were near
    Ans.: b. his father read a newspaper report
  6. Swami thought that the boy in the report was not a boy but a grown-up person because

a. he knew him b. he felt he was a coward
c. he was sure no boy could fight a tiger d. he was sure he was a courageous person
Ans.: c. he was sure no boy could fight a tiger
II. Answer the following questions in two or three sentences each:

  1. Swami’s father drew his attention to a report in the newspaper. What was the report about?
    OR What was the special news about the bravery of a village lad?
    Ans.: The newspaper carried a report about the bravery of a village boy who had come face to face
    with a tiger while returning home by the village path.
  2. What comment did Swami make when he heard the newspaper report? How did his view
    differ from that of his father?
    Ans.: Swami felt that it was not possible for a boy to fight a tiger and it must have been a strong and
    grown-up person who had done this. His father disagreed saying that strength and age were not so
    important. What really needed was courage.
  3. What challenge did Swami’s father put to him?
    Ans.: Swami’s father challenged him to sleep alone in his office room that night which was a frightful
    proposition. Swami always slept beside his grandmother so any change in this arrangement made
    him frightful.
  4. In which part of the office did Swami decide to sleep? Why did he select this place?
    Ans.: Swami spread his bed under the bench in the office and crept in there to sleep. It seemed to be
    a much safer place more compact and reassuring.
  5. As the night advanced Swami felt that something terrible would happen to him. What would
    it be? How would it happen?
    Ans.: As the night advanced Swami remembered all the stories of the devil and ghost. He expected the
    devils to come up and carry him away.
  6. What did Swami feel when he saw something moving in the darkness? What did he do?
    Ans.: When Swami saw something moving in the room he imagined that it was the devil. He crawled
    out of the bench, caught hold of it, and dug his teeth into it.
  1. Why were congratulations showered on Swami?
    Ans.: Swami had bitten the burglar taking him to be the devil. The burglar’s cry brought Swami’s
    father and others to the scene leading to his arrest. So congratulations were showered on Swami.
  2. Why did Swami feel relieved at the end?
    Ans.: The next day Swamy slept beside his granny. His father did not protect him much. Swami felt
  3. How was Swami honored by his classmates, teacher, and headmaster?
    Ans.: Congratulations were showered on Swami. His classmates looked at him with respect and his
    teacher patted him on his back. The headmaster said that he was a tree scout.
  4. Do you think Swami really wanted to join the police? If not, what did he want to be?
    Ans.: No, Swami was not interested to join the police. He wanted to become an engine driver,
    railway guard, or bus conductor.
  5. “You must sleep alone hereafter”, said Swami’s father. By doing so, what was Swami supposed to prove?
    Ans.: By sleeping alone, Swami was supposed to prove his courage. He was expected to show that
    even he has courage.
  6. What were the excuses given by Swami in order to escape from sleeping alone?
    Ans.: Swami said that he would sleep alone from the first of next month. He also said that the office
    was dusty and full of scorpions.
    III Read each of the following extracts and answer the questions given below:
  7. “Leave alone strength. Can you prove you have courage?
    a. What was the view of Swami’s father regarding courage?
    Ans.: Swami’s father felt that courage was more important than strength and age.
    b. How did he want his son to prove that he had courage?
    Ans.: He challenged his son to sleep alone in the office room
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A Hero Question And Answer PDF Free Download

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