A Sanskrit English Dictionary

A Sanskrit English Dictionary Book PDF Free Download

A Sanskrit English Dictionary Book PDF Free Download

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Statement of the circumstances which led to the peculiar Spes of Sankrit Lexicography introduced for the first time in the Mouler-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary of 1872

1 stated in the Preface to the first edition of this work written in that I had sometimes been shed by men caramel is at the classical lore of Kape, whether Sanskrit had any literature.

happily, since then, great Alsace in the picion of Indian movies and the diffusion of a knowledge of Ladislaus been focused.

The fu and research of able Orientalists in almost every country have the conscience to this rest, and I venture to claim for the.

Oxipel Indian Innate and its staff of Processes and Tutore a large share in bap still pre Newnbelns much goran prevais, eres mung nhcared Engine speakers.

In respect of the exact position occupied by are in India-is relationship to that of the spoken series of the canery and the immensay of its rage in comparison with that of the date of Europe.

I may be permitted thereive to recapinist what I have already stated in regard to the term Sankri, bekee expinning what exacere que te te included under the term “Samlinerature

By Sanskrit, then, is meant the learned language of India-be language of cultured inhabit the language of its region, de feature, aby any akad language.

But be sif spoken and written by dusted ca in all parts of the country, from Cashmere to Cape Comorin Inne Monday to Cakita and Medias.

Samskrit, in short, events, I case, the learned of the language Berge by the Indian teach of the great again the In For, in part of fact.

AuthorSir Monier Williams
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A Sanskrit English Dictionary Book PDF Free Download

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