Rajmohan’s Wife Novel PDF By Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

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Rajmohan’s Wife: A Novel Book PDF Free Download

Rajmohans Wife Book PDF Free Download

Rajmohan’s Wife: A Novel

There is a small village on the river Madhumati. On account of its being the residence of wealthy zemindars, it is regarded as a village of importance.

One Chaitra afternoon the summer heat was gradually abating with the weakening of the once keen rays of the sun; a gentle breeze was blowing.

It began to dry the perspiring brow of the peasant in the field and play with the most locks of village women just risen from their siesta.

It was after such a siesta that a woman of about thirty was engaged in her toilet in a humble thatched cottage. She took very little time to finish the process usually so elaborate with womankind.

A dish of water, a tin-framed looking-glass three inches wide, and a. comb matching it sufficed for the task. Then, a little vermilion adorned her forehead.

Last of all some betel leaves dyed her lips. Thus armed, a formidable champion of the world-conquering sex set out with a pitcher in her arm and pushing open the wattled gate of a neighboring house entered within it.

There were four huts in the house which she entered. They had mud floors and bamboo walls. There was no sign of poverty anywhere, every. the thing was neat and tidy.

The four huts stood on the four sides of a quadrangle. Of these three had entrances opening on the yard, the fourth opened outwards.

This last was the reception room, while the others, screened on all sides, constituted the zenana. Some brinjals and salads were growing on the carefully.

The tilled plot of land in front of the raised terrace before the outer room. The whole was enclosed by a reed fence with a bamboo gate. So the woman could easily make her way into the house.

AuthorBankim Chandra Chatterjee
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Rajmohan’s Wife Book PDF Free Download

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