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Class 9 English Sample Paper Term 1 PDF Free Download

Sample Paper Class 9 English Term 1

Class 9 English Mid Term 1 Sample Paper

Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow :

Heavy rain in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand since Friday claimed 27 lives, even as rivers continued to be in spate in Bihar.

Fifteen deaths were reported in Madhya Pradesh since Friday evening as the Met department predicted more showers and sounded heavy downpour alert for some districts on Sunday.

Three Indian Air Force aircraft dropped food packets and medicines and flooded areas of Rewa district, Collector Rahul Jain said.

Seven people, including a woman and four minors, were killed and three others were injured when a house collapsed in Rahatgarh area of Sagar district on Saturday.

Two people, including an old woman, were also killed and seven others were injured when a newly constructed building collapsed due to incessant rains at Maihar in Satna district.

A jeep carrying two persons was swept away in the swollen Betwa river as it attempted to cross a bridge in Raisen district.

Three bodies were recovered from a nullah on Saturday in Chhattarpur district. The victims were travelling in a car that was washed away off a bridge on the flooded nullah on Friday.

In Rajasthan, five people were killed when their house collapsed in Phool Baroda village in Baran district due to incessant rains since Saturday morning that created a flood like situation in several parts of the state.

Several people are feared stranded in Chabra, Chipabarode, Kawai, Harnavadashahaji areas as the Parvan, Parwati, Ujjad and other rivers are overflowing after the rains.

Seven members of a family were killed when their hose was razed to the ground by huge boulders that rolled down the hill following a cloudburst in Pauri district of Uttrakhand on Saturday.

The Army was called in to the flood affected areas of Saran district as senior officials also rushed to the spot.

At least 24 people were airlifted in Baran district and nearby areas.

Several villages remained inundated after water entered buildings, houses and a private power plant in Baran.

(a) How many lives have been lost in heavy rain?

(b) What happened in Satna district?

(c) Who was the collector of Rewa district?

(d) Why was a jeep swept away?

(e) In which district does Phool Baroda village lie?

(f) How many people died in Rahatgarh area?

(g) Which rivers are overflowing after rains?

(h) Who rescued the lives of people in Baran district?

Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow :

One more Olympics has gone by. A total of 974 medals were won by 87 countries; 54 countries won at least one Gold.

The U.S flew home with the best medal tally of all time for that country with 121 medals.

Notwithstanding the individual brilliance and the face-saving medals of P.V.Sindhu and Sakshi Malik, India’s performance is the poorest among all big countries.

The discourse on this is an unhappy one: there has been a lot of handwringing, blame on the Sports Ministry and sports administrators, complaints about lack of facilities, grumbles about corruption being the villain, and so on. India says the same things, once in four years, during and after every Olympics.

It should instead look for simple lessons, develop a strategy to win medals and execute it diligently.

No, I don’t believe that India should be planning for the Olympics scheduled eight or twelve years from now.

While long-term thinking is good, any leader will tell you that it is too slow.

We should aim to win a lot more medals in Tokyo in 2020. But how? The final medals tally by country tells all sorts of stories.

The top 22 countries — those with a double —digit medals tally with a minimum of three gold medals — took home a total of 702 medals, or 72 per cent of all medals.

The top ten suggests that only the established West (the U.S., Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Australia) along with Russia, Japan and SJuth Korea will continue to dominate.

The emergence of China is explained as “you know the Chinese can dictate anything, so they are not comparable.”

It is often implied that wealth and size are the reasons for the success of these countries.

They have the facilities and programmes in place.

They are bound to win. So goes the argument and acceptance. This logic should be probed further.

Olympics medals are won by people between the ages of 15 to 29, with a few exceptions on either side of this age band.

I looked at the number of medal wins in relation to the population in the age group 15 to 29 in each country, for which data is available.

This was juxtaposed with medals won, to calculate the numbers of medals won per lakh of population in this age group. The story changes dramatically

(a) What was the result of Olympics?

(b) How can India stand at the strong position in Olympics?

(c) How do the other countries dominate in Olympics?

(d) What are the short comings for the poor position in Olympics?

(e) Identify the word which means the same as ‘a plan of action'(Para2)
(i) discourse (ii) wringing
(iii) complain (iv) strategy

(f) Identify the word which means the same as ‘carry out’.(Para2)
(i) strategy (ii) execute
(iii) grumbles (iv) diligently

(g) Identify the word which means the same as ‘suggested’.(Para3)
(ii) implied (ii) established
(iii) dominate (iv) explained

(h) Identify the word which means the same as
(i) exception (ii) juxtaposed
(iii) calculate (iv) probed

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Class 9 English Sample Paper PDF Free Download

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