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Rules For Observing SaiBaba Vrat

  1. This vrat can be observed by any one, (Men, Women and Kids).
  2. This vrat can be observed by persons of any caste and religion.
  3. Sincere faith and devotion while observing this vrat yields miraculous results.
  4. This vrat should be started on a Thursday with a sincere prayer to Sai to get the desire wish fulfilled.
  5. Puja can be performed in morning or evening. Place a wooden board (asan) and spread a small yellow cloth on the asan and keep Sai Baba’s photo on it.

    Wipe the photo with clean cloth and apply sandal paste and kumkum tilak on Sai’s forehead. Offer him a garland or flowers of yellow color.

    Light a lamp and incense sticks in front of his photo and read Sai vrat story.

    Meditate and pray to him, convey your wishes to him faithfully. Offer him holy food (naivedya). It can be anything like sugar, candy, sweets, and fruits. Distribute and partaken the Prasad (Consecrated food).
  6. This vrat should be observed by taking food in form of fruits and liquids (like milk, coffee, tea) and sweets or the devotee can take food only once (lunch or dinner). This vrat should not be observed with empty stomach and remaining hungry.
  7. If possible visit nearby Sai mandir on all the 9 Thursdays. If Sai mandir is not nearby then Puja can be done sincerely in the house.
  8. Even if the devotees have to travel to other cities, this puja can be observed.
  9. During the 9 Thursdays, due to menstrual cycle for Ladies or for some other reasons, if not able to perform puja, skip that Thursday (don’t count it in 9 Thursdays) and perform the puja in the consecutive Thursday and complete 9 Thursdays.

Sai Vrat Story

Jalpa had severe pain in her ears and her hearing ability was also reduced to a great extent.

She consulted an ENT specialist and the Doctor told her that a small tumor-like formation was in the rear part of the ear and surgery was a must and biopsy also had to be taken and he told the name of the disease and fixed the date for the operation.

All family members were upset. Jalpa decided to observe 9 Thursdays Sai vrat and she postponed the operation.

She completed the Sai vrat by feeding the poor and distributing Sai vrat books. She went to the hospital and took all the required tests.

All test reports were normal and the tumor had vanished. The doctor told her that she is absolutely normal and there is no need for surgery. Her faith in Sai strengthened

Sai Smaran.

Bless me, Sai! Bless me,

Sai! Bless the child Sai!

Answer my prayers!
Strengthen my devotion!
Bless me, Sai! Bless me, Sai!
Remove my sorrows!
Shower me with Happiness!
Listen to the child’s prayer!
Bless me, Sai! Bless me, Sai!
Sai is Life, Sai is Prayer!
Sai is Peace!
Sai is God Incarnate!
Sai is Universe!
Sai is mercy, Sai is wisdom!
Bless me, Sai! Bless me, Sai!
Sai is Righteousness,
Sai is Deliverance!
Sai is Duty,
Sai is Absolute Reality!
Bless me, Sai! Bless me, Sai!
Sai is Christ, Sai is Nanak!
Sai is Hindu, Sai is Muslim!
Sai is Truth, Sai is Nectar!
Bless me, Sai! Bless me, Sai!
Sai is Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma! Sai is simple, loving Caring!
Sai is Mother, Father, and Guru! Sai is Pran! Sai is Soul!
Bless me, Sai! Bless me, Sai!

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