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Ruby On Rails Introduction & Tutorial PDF Free Download

What Is Ruby On Rails?

Ruby on Rails is a web application framework written in Ruby, a dynamic programming language. Ruby on Rails uses the Model–View–Controller (MVC) architecture pattern to organize application programming.

What is Ruby on Rails? (continued)

  • A model in the Ruby on Rails framework maps to a table in the database
  • The controller is the Rails component that responds to external requests from the webserver to the application, and responds to the external request by determining which view file to render.
  • A view in the default configuration of Rails is an erb file. It is usually converted to output HTML at run time.


  • It is a dynamic, general-purpose object-oriented programming language
  • Combination of syntax inspired by Perl, also influenced by Eiffel and Lisp
  • Supports multiple programming paradigms including functional, object-oriented, imperative and reflective.


  • Rails is an open-source Ruby framework for developing database-backed web applications.
  • The Rails framework was derived from real world web applications.

Thus it is an easy to use and cohesive framework that is full of functionality


  • All layers in Rails are built to work together and use the same language from top to bottom
  • Except for configuration files, everything in Rails (templates to control the flow of business logic) is written in Ruby – YAML

What is so special about Rail?

  • Other frameworks use comprehensive code generation, which gives users a one-time productivity boost but nothing else, and optimization scripts let the user add optimization code to only a small number of carefully selected points.
  • Metaprogramming replaces these two primitive techniques and overcomes their disadvantages.
  • Ruby is one of the best languages for metaprogramming, and Rails makes good use of this capability.

Rails is packed with features that make you more productive, many of the following features build on each other.

Metaprogramming: Other frameworks use extensive code generation from scratch.

Metaprogramming techniques use programs to write programs. Ruby is one of the best languages for metaprogramming, and Rails makes good use of this capability.

Rails also uses code generation but relies more heavily on metaprogramming to do the heavy lifting.

Active Record: Rails introduces the Active Record framework, which saves objects to the database.

The Rails version of Active Record searches for columns in the database schema and automatically associates them with your domain objects using metaprogramming.

Convention on configuration: Most web development frameworks for .NET or Java force you to write pages of configuration code.

Rails doesn’t require much configuration if you follow the suggested naming conventions.

Scaffolding: You create temporary code, often in the early stages of development, to quickly build an application and see how key components work together.

Rails automatically creates most of the scaffolding you need.

Built-in tests: Rails builds in simple automated tests that you can extend.

Rails also provides supporting code called harnesses and fixtures that make it easy to write and run test cases. Ruby can then execute all your automated tests with the rake utility.

Three environments: Rails gives you three default environments: development, test, and production. Each behaves slightly differently, making your entire software development cycle easier.

For example, Rails creates a new copy of the test database for each test run.

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Ruby On Rails Introduction & Tutorial PDF Free Download

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