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Residential Interior Design Book PDF Free Download

What this Book is about

This book is meant to serve as a primer on space planning for rooms and spaces in a home.

Related information regarding codes, mechanical and electrical systems, and a variety of
additional factors that impact each type of room or space are also provided.

In addition, this book includes information about accessible design in each chapter in order to provide a cohesive view of residential accessibility.

This new edition includes updated 2015 International Residential Code information and additional updates.

Intended as a reference for use in the design process, this book can aid in teaching and understanding the planning of residential spaces.

Most chapters follow a similar format, starting with an overview of the particular room or space and
related issues of accessibility, followed by information about room-specific furnishings and appliances.

Chapters continue with information about sizes and clearances, organizational flow, related codes and constraints, and issues regarding electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and basic lighting.

This book is meant to aid students and designers in understanding the amount of space that is minimally necessary in order for rooms to function usefully.

Examples of larger spaces are also given, but at its heart, this book is intended to show students how to use space wisely and make good use of space throughout the dwelling.

With clear knowledge about minimums, designers and students of design can learn when it is appropriate to exceed such standards for a variety of reasons that reflect specific project criteria based on client needs, budget, site, and other constraints.

This book is intended as an introduction to the topics covered with the aim of familiarizing the reader with the basic
concepts so that he or she might move forward in design education or on to additional research in certain areas.

To that end, an annotated references section is provided at the end of each chapter. Thinking of the information provided in each chapter as basic building blocks that allow for the discovery of the issues involved is a helpful approach in using this book.

There is much that goes into the design of a dwelling that is not covered in this book; our intent is to focus on the use and design of individual rooms (again, a building-block approach) so that the reader will have the core information required to understand the design of these individual spaces.

This basic informational approach may bring up questions about the role of the interior designer versus the role of the architect.

Clearly, the design of the totality of the structure is the role of the architect (or engineer); however, in many cases, the interior designer is taking an increasingly larger role in the design of rooms and spaces.

Interior designers engaged in renovation work can take a lead role in the design of the interior architecture of a space, with a significant hand in the design of a room or many rooms.

This is in contrast to notions of the interior designer as the person in charge of materials and furnishings selections only.

The authors believe that interior designers and design students must be well versed in the aspects of residential design covered in this book.

For example, readers will note that the detailed kitchen and bathroom information contained in this book is applicable to remodeling as well as to new construction.

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Residential Interior Design Book PDF Free Download

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